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Can you tell that I’m excited to write this recap of Monday night’s episode of ?  Rihanna!  As guessed, she is Sam’s mistress, the one Norman saw through a creepy hole in the wall.

While Sam is telling his wife he’s up in Seattle handling business, he’s up there handling business and juggling another woman.  I saw this coming – the cheating, of course.  No man needs to be in another city that often, even if it is for business.  So Madeleine, I’m looking at you.

She should have been side-eyeing him for awhile.  But that’s neither here nor there.  Norman told her that Sam is cheating on her.  First of all, that’s a no-no.  But this proves that Norman has some very petty tendencies.  He’s just mad that he actually started to like Madeleine.  Sacrilege!  His mother has always been his number one lady, so in a way, he wants to hurt Madeleine because he wants to punish himself for going as far as he did with her.

Madeleine apologizes for coming on to him.  She says that she didn’t mean to lead him on.  Woman, stop.  I find it baffling that she was the aggressor and professes that it wasn’t a set up to sleep with him.  Then, what was it?

Madeleine gets teary-eyed realizing that Sam is cheating on her.  Again, how could she not have even suspected?  The writers of the show could have made this a little more realistic.  A woman’s intuition will have her suspicious, at least.  But no, Madeleine seemed to just be out of it, believing that every time her husband went to Seattle it was legit.  Nah.  No wife does that.

AnyTwho – she confronts him.  That battle will be fleshed out next week.

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As of now, Rihanna’s character is in town, looking for Sam.  They agree to meet at Bates Motel.  She is there to tell him that she quit her .  And stole $400,000 in cash from her .  Now, I don’t know Rihanna’s character, but it seems like she comes from a troubled past.  Who decides that robbing your employer is a good idea?  I mean, why not flee the country at least?  She went to San Diego. Uh – I guess she could get to Mexico in 2 hours, but 400K is enough for someone to come looking for you at night.  She had no idea that Sam is married.  In true cheater character, he lies.  He says that he lives with a roommate who doesn’t allow guests.  (are you kidding me?) And she buys it.  While she waits at Bates Motel, he’s having a conversation with Madeleine about his shenanigans.

In Norman’s world, Norma seems to no longer exist.  Vera Farmiga (Norma) is nowhere in this episode.  It solidifies the fact that she is, in fact, dead and that Norman is, in fact, a psycho.  He twitches while talking to his former psychiatrist about being confronted that he sees his mother when she’s not there and that he even dresses like her.  Twitching indicates that facing reality is really hard for him.

He goes even deeper with reality when he visits a bar that Norma frequents.  Patrons and the bartender call him Norma, and they say that they’ve never seen him “like this” before.  Clearly, he’s been coming into that bar dressed like Norma.  He even had sex the other night with a stranger as Norma.  He finds red panties in the car.  What a trip!  Norman freaks out but he seems to fall back into character.

I think Norman is more than mentally ill.  He is a psycho.  To consciously know that you’re switching between characters requires awareness.  If you’re aware of what you’re doing, then you’re taking pleasure in it.  This includes dressing up as Norma and killing folks.

His sister-in-law has finally discovered that Norma is dead – on the internet.  As I said about Caleb, what kind of family doesn’t at least know what’s going on with each other?  I understand estrangement, but again, this is 2017. No FB or IG?  No other family members to fill you on the gossip?  Going a year and half without knowing what’s happening with your mother-in-law is pretty ridiculous.  Anyway – we leave with that.  When Norman’s brother finds out, he will be on the hunt for him as well.  Norman is responsible for killing their dad and Norman’s brother’s wife’s mom.  Until next week!
Season 5, Episode 5 (S05E05)
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