Before “Stranger Things,” There Was The Duffer Brothers Short “Eater” (Things We Love)



Netflix’s Stranger Things has invaded the pop culture zeitgeist with ’80s cinematic realness, the triumphant return of Winona Ryder, and, of course, Barb. Show creators Matt and Ross Duffer (a.k.a. the Duffer Brothers) have hit it out of the park with the sci-fi horror thriller that has been the topic of water cooler conversation since they dropped the first season in July. Before Stranger Things, the duo was working under the radar. Their biggest credit was the Fox series Wayward Pines and a handful of shorts including Eater, one of their first projects.

Because of Stranger Things, the short, made in 2007, is making its rounds on the Internet. Showcasing their early talent for slow-burn terror and menacingly mysterious creatures, the short follows a prison guard as he works the night shift while a cannibal prisoner is on the loose. That said, if you love Stranger Things then you’ll probably love Eater. Watch the full short below.

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