BERLIN STATION Review: “Hoeyre Hook (The Right Hook)”


builds on an increasingly good season in this week’s episode, “Hoeyre Hook (The Right Hook).” With stakes that continue to mount, the episode unfolds a suspenseful number of plot reveals while leaning in to the idea of deception, even to the point of surprising viewers with intentional misdirection.

There were several great things to discuss about this episode, but first I want to dissect the one issue I had with this episode – or really, with this plot reveal. Robert and Frost head to Norway to investigate leads to uncover how the PfD was funneling money to terrorists, but when they discover that the money was actually being covered up and funneled by the CIA station in Norway, they’re suddenly shocked.

I take issue with their surprise, because honestly, I could’ve told you the ambassador back in Germany was in on the plan and helping the PfD out. Once we knew that the ambassador likely had something to do with tipping the presidential candidate offer, that only made it more obvious that he was in on it. Especially with his sending Frost off to follow the head of the Oslo station when he came to visit. The connections were obviously more than coincidence. So, when Robert got clearance from the station to visit Oslo and was immediately met by the station head, who wanted to send his driver with Robert (to keep an eye on him) it wasn’t a surprise, but became even more immediately obvious that the CIA was in on funding this terrorist attack. But Robert is absolutely shocked, and that’s honestly the most surprising thing about this whole plot reveal – Robert is genuinely being shocked to discover the ambassador is in on it, and likely funneling American money to prevent this attack. 

Not that that detracted from the fun of watching this episode. It was honestly the best episode of the entire series to date. This is because it plays into the idea of deception with these spies on another level – even deceiving the audience in some ways – while also taking us on the actual hunt for intel to solve the funding mystery behind a potentially corrupt election and keeping the stakes high enough to hold our interest

The fact that Robert and Frost have to keep a low profile in Norway, find a recently hanged man, and then Robert is caught and almost killed for getting too close to the answer is an absolutely enthralling episode for this show. It also manages to keep the pace up, making the show much more entertaining to watch than some previous episodes, where the action was almost non-existent and the pacing as slow as molasses. 

The Valerie deception was probably the highlight of the episode, however. This has been building up for weeks over multiple episodes, eventually implying that Valerie’s feelings for this campaign manager did go beyond her – as it seemed her need to pry intel from him was over. Valerie’s feelings seemed to come to a head when she got in a fight with BB in the station office and BB seemingly fired her from the CIA, more or less in front of everyone.

However, as it’s revealed to us towards the end of the episode, this was planned between BB and Valerie. It looks legitimate, even on the station side, as BB has essentially terminated Valerie’s post, but that was simply to cover her tracks so she could double-down on the campaign manager and try to get closer to him, as she suspects there is something he’s not telling her and that she’s missing in the relationship between him and the PfD political candidate. 

Finally, it also seems that Hector might be encouraging – and possibly helping – Lena attempt to assassinate the PfD candidate, and April is on to him. However, as a very green agent, it remains to be seen whether she’s too much into Hector’s words. Is Hector playing some unknown long game with Lena, or is the Thomas Shaw part of him coming out to play yet again?

These, and more questions, are left to be answered by next week’s episode. Let’s hope it’s as well done as this one.


Season 2, Episode 6 (S02E06)
Berlin Station airs Sundays at 9PM on Epix

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  1. Tasha,
    The PfD candidate is running to be elected into the german parliament.
    The members of parliament elect the Chancellor, who is usually the leader of the party with the most popular votes. If the PfD candidate has high ambitions, she wants to become the next german Chancellor, not the next german President.
    The german President is not elected through a general election.

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