BERLIN STATION Review: “The Righteous One”


Berlin Station manages to throw out even more surprises in this week’s episode, “The Righteous One.” Just when we think we’ve managed to get all the answers and we’re just watching the fall out of the drama, the show spins us a new twist, and we suddenly discover that there’s still quite a bit we don’t know yet. 

The show has done a complete turnaround this season, avoiding all of the fatal flaws of last season by keeping us in line with our spies, rather than ahead of them or behind them, like most of last year’s storyline would have us. Letting us unravel the mystery behind the happening, at the same time that the spies are uncovering new secrets stemming from those old answers, is a perfect way to structure this show, as it allows us to really feel right along with our lead characters, something that was difficult to do last season. 

The main benefit of this is that the situations these characters are in become much more sympathetic. Being a spy working for the CIA in Berlin is not a super relatable , and it doesn’t involve very relatable actions, so allowing us to put ourselves inside the perspective of these characters as much as possible – including by only revealing new developments as they are found out by our characters – makes every action and decision much easier to understand. 

Honestly, I’m watching the decisions play out on these actor’s faces, seeing the silent choices they’re making, and I’m actually rooting for them this season. Even Hector, which is a big deal. And the fact that this season’s issue has gone from bad to worse to extremely complicated only adds to the intrigue the show has to offer. It’s kind of incredible that the show has built a mystery that just seems to get more complicated and tangled up as our characters uncover more answers. That’s not an easy feat to pull off, and Berlin Station is doing it like it was just another day at the office – almost literally.

So, speaking of complicated, tangled webs of mystery, let’s unravel this one a little bit in a quick recap of what’s happened and the implications that has on our characters for future episodes:

First, Katharina Gerhardt is shot and killed at her post-election rally celebrating her win at he polls. She’s shot and killed, but not by Hector. Instead, there’s a second sniper that Hector is able to identify with Daniel and Robert’s help.

As they’re chasing down the hitman and trying to uncover the person who hired him, Valerie is rejoined by BB, who purposefully missed her flight back to America, and the two do some more digging on Katharina’s right hand man, Joseph, and discover that he was the mastermind behind the terror attack the entire time – he was trying to set up Katharina and the white nationalists – Katharina likely had no clue about the plot, which also likely means Joseph was somehow behind her being shot as well. 

Meanwhile, Daniel and Robert hunt down the hitman’s “payer” – who kills the hitman, complicating matters (more on that in a minute) – who is a CIA agent, which means the plot to kill Katharina is somehow tied to America now, and also means that Daniel and Robert can’t reveal the truth to the German government, at least not until they themselves get to the bottom of why America has its hands in killing an elected German official. 

This matters because Lena has been captured by the police and names Hector, because she thinks Hector is the one who shot Katharina. And now that the real hitman is dead and Daniel and Robert have nothing to show to the Germans to prove Hector’s innocence, Hector is a wanted man by the Germans once again. 

So how will this play out for our characters, and what in the world are Americans doing meddling in German affairs? I suppose we’ll just have to keep watching to find out for sure. 


Season 2, Episode 8 (S02E08)
Berlin Station airs Sundays at 9PM on Epix

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