BETTER THINGS Review: “Blackout”


There are billions of people in this world.  You cross paths with them.  You meet them.  You work with them.  But there are only a few that you make a connection with.  And, normally, these are friendly connections.  And of these friendly connections, a handful are people that you have a romantic gzush with.  

Sam found a romantic gzush with Robin.  This man met her kids.  He dealt with her wanting separate rooms on a romantic getaway.  He dealt with her.  Her.  

In Thursday’s episode, the story begins, and as it continues, I think, “Where is Robin?”  He has appeared or been mentioned in every episode since Sam fell for him.  A good 15 minutes in, I question my priorities in life.  Must we women always wonder what’s up with the cute guy we’re seeing?  And then, boom!  Robin appears, letting me know that yes, yes we women must always wonder about the cute guy because they’re a dime a dozen.  

Sam and her straight, divorced male friend are in a Costco-type store, and she spots Robin.  Turns out that Robin is shocked to see Sam.  I am shocked at his shock.  What happened?  

Robin is with his daughter, who he introduces to Sam, and then he spills his emotions all over the floor. “I really miss you,” he says.  Sam says nothing.

Uh-oh.  We’ve got a ghoster.  

Sam really ghosted on Robin.  And for why?  Oh, because Robin is kind of perfect for her right now.  He gets her.  She gets him.  It’s all honkey-dorey, and Sam don’t got time for that.

Sam is immediately convicted, and she tries to figure out (out loud) why she did such an awful thing to such a great person.  She has no realizations about that situation, but she does realize that her straight, divorced male friend ain’t ish.

He tells her something that makes her forgive herself for being such a jerk to Robin, and then he leans in for a kiss.  Sam violently shuts his mouth and repeats “no” a record 1,245 times.  I think this might be a Guinness World Record (Fact check needed).  

Even after clearly declaring that she wants no parts of his face, he decides to ask that she at least “taste” his eggplant.  Bruh.

It’s this comment that Sam realizes that he (the kissy face guy) isn’t a good dude.  This gives her a sense of relief because, well, maybe she was considering sparking up something with him, but lo and behold, he doesn’t deserve it.

But where does that leave Robin, a guy who actually deserves a shot?  In the basement of Sam’s emotions because she is too scared to be with someone who actually shows up; honors his word; and looks her in the face and tells her some gangsta ish like, “I miss you”. 

Twenty years ago, I would have called Sam a bitter lady.  But today, Sam isn’t called bitter.  She is experienced, and her experience teaches her that men are one second away from disappointing her.  And before they’re able to show that side, she would rather disappear into the night.  

I can’t blame her.  I get it.  But it sure as heck sucks for Robin.

What do you do with years of negative experience when something positive shows up? Put it all the way on the shelf?  Refer to it once in a while?

Who knows, maybe Robin was an f-boy before he could show that he was an f-boy. 

Ignore that.  That’s Sam’s depraved mind taking over.

On to the next man waiting to get the boot.

TB-TV-Grade-ASeason 2, Episode 7 (S02E07)
Better Things airs Thursday at 10PM on FX

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