Bill Hader, James McAvoy in Talks to Join Jessica Chastain in New Line’s “It” Sequel


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Part of the fun of last year’s mega-hit horror adaptation IT, based on Stephen King’s novel, was trying to guess who might play the adult version of the kids  in the sequel, IT CHAPTER TWO.

Jessica Chastain was an easy guess for the adult Beverly, considering that she previously starred in director Andy Muschietti’s Mama, but two more actors are now in negotiations who might not be so obvious.

New Line is currently in talks with  and to play two of the adult versions of the “Losers Club.” McAvoy is in talks for the role of Bill, played by Jaeden Lieberher in the first movie; Hader would play the role of the adult Richie, played by Finn Wolfhard.

Director Andy Muschietti is back in the director’s chair along with his producing partner and sister Barbara Muschiett, with Gary Dauberman penning the script. The is set to start filming in Toronto starting in July.

The negotiations for the two actors is in the early stages, but they’re still working out the deals for the young actors from the first movie to return for the sequel with Bill Skarsgard expected to return as Pennywise. It would honestly be a huge shame if there are any hold-outs because the first movie worked so well for the chemistry created between the young actors.

New Line has set a release date for the sequel for Sept. 6, 2019, almost two years to when the original movie was released last year, blowing past all of the Sept. box office records.

The original movie grossed $700 million worldwide with almost half that amount from North America, and it was a pretty daring decision to split the movie into two parts with the first chapter being a period piece and the second chapter meant to take place in present day. The grown-up Losers Club will find them facing the menace of Pennywise once again, and we’ll have to see if being older also means being wiser.

Hader is currently in the middle of his HBO series Barry, which was just renewed for a second season,  The former “Saturday Night Live” star writes and stars in the series about a hitman who discovers a love for acting, and Hader has even directed a few episodes. He is repped by .

McAvoy recently finished filming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, his fourth time playing Professor Charles Xavier, who was played in previous installments by Patrick Stewart. While that movie was delayed until next February, McAvoy will be seen later this year in M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, reprising his multi-personality villainous role from last year’s hit Split. McAvoy also can be seen this weekend in select cities, starring opposite Alicia Vikander in Wim Wnders’ Submergence.  McAvoy is also repped by along with .

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