“Black Lightning” Star Breaks Down That Shocking Death and Return (SPOILERS)


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(Spoiler alert: Do not if you have not watched “Equinox: The Book of Fate” episode of Black Lightning. You’ll just be kicking yourself later.)

Shocking deaths are not a new concept for a television series, however, what did in tonight’s episode, “Equinox: The Book of Fate” is definitely a game changer for the freshman actioner.

The series has been slowly adding layers to inner workings of the Freeland criminal underground each week, but a big piece of that game was just removed from the board as Lady Eve was murdered by Tobias’ henchman. Not only was her death gruesome, but the guns used to melt her face shot lightning blasts like Black Lightning’s pointing all fingers to him for Eve’s murder. Not a great place to be when Lady Eve was viewed as a loving philanthropist by Freeland’s citizens.

So what does this mean for our hero?

“He’s going to be a fugitive for a while,” series star Cress Williams told reporters following a screening of the episode. “We’ve seen already, at least this season, that he’s bold.”

We’ve seen with the masked hero walking right down the street in front of countless witnesses without fear of arrest or death, but it sounds like now Black Lightning will have to do things a little differently if he wants to avenge his father’s death and kill his murderer Tobias Whale.

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Williams added, “I was sad to see [Eve] go, but our show is a bit quirky, so we always jokingly say ‘nobody’s ever really dead…”

This sentiment was made very clear with one last big twist in the episode. A previously thought dead Lala wakes in a motel room with the ghost of LaWanda nearby, who disappears and emerges as a tattoo on Lala’s chest. While the series as so far stayed relatively grounded (apart from Jefferson and Anissa Pierce’s unique abilities), the reveal shifts the series into more mysticism, though how much of that will drive the series is still to be seen.

Meanwhile, Eve wasn’t the only death of the night. While Tobias’s henchmen were off killing Eve, Black Lightning went after Tobias and incidentally kills Tobias’ beloved sister, Tori.

Williams says this move “evens the playing field” between the two adversaries, raising the stakes higher than ever before.

If you’ve been a casual viewer of the show (or maybe were distracted by the Olympics), now is the perfect time to dive right back into the show as it heads into the back half of its first season, as it looks like things are just starting to ramp up.

Black Lighting airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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