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This week’s episode of doesn’t have a lot of forward moving plot, but what it lacks in storyline it makes up enough in jokes to make this a better episode of the generally dismal season two. Episode five titled, “It’d Been Months Since I Kidnapped You,” is different in that it doesn’t feature Walter too heavily and spends more time with the rest of the cast. Walter sort of hangs in the peripheries getting passively affected by the episode’s happenings, waiting for his inevitable reunion with Harry, who of course ends up coming back to his old master by the end of the episode. Harry’s banishment to Ronnie’s house in last week’s episode certainly wasn’t going to last long, but I am surprised they tied it up so neatly and thought they’d weave it into the Cornelia plot.

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Harry as a character so far has always run the spectrum from cartoonish to real. He acts to level out where Walter’s in his life and can either be the voice of wisdom or a caricature who’d have to be obsessed with Walter actually maintain his relationship with him. It was clear his relationship with Sylvia wasn’t going to be a real factor, it would have been more believable and emphatic if Harry had found a woman who’s actually a real match for him. They could have built up a Sherlock, Watson and Mary Watson dynamic where Harry really does choose between two loves. But having Sylvia be a porn star from the get go who falls for him because he treats her well during a shoot and is mightily well endowed, didn’t set up for a realistic relationship between the two, and so we knew Harry would have to come back to Walter. It was a nice touch having Harry go through his loneliness and be brought back home drunk to Walter, letting them change roles and make Walter the caregiver for once. And I particularly liked one strange moment when Harry is watching a couple make out on the street and make eye contact with the woman. It’s not played for laughs, it’s a genuinely strange and melancholy moment that I just wish were earned a bit stronger, because I just couldn’t believe he’d be that broken up about Sylvia.

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That’s really what a lot of this season has been, a lot of pure little moments between the characters that get slightly overshadowed by goofy plot points that don’t really need to be there. Every once in a while like with the previously mentioned Harry moment, the show does something very strange like having Rosalie and Celia sing the whole version of a children’s song about Hitler and his generals and their genitals. This moment in particular is very bizarre in how it plays in the show, and yet I really enjoyed it. There’s no reason for it plot wise, it’s not even particularly funny, but it does serve to let its characters play. I think I’m arguing almost for a more Seinfeldian version of the show, one that is less concerned with grandiose season arcs and just focusing on the smaller moments these people share.

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And we get a lot more of those in this episode, which is why I think it’s been stronger than the others. Jim, fresh off his inadvertent foray into the world of being a high end gigolo, finds a confidence that attracts Celia back to him. And although their reunion is cut short when she finds a photo of another woman’s foot on his phone, it was good and funny to see them back together. Celia preparing herself for sex is hilarious and natural and you see how funny Dolly Wells is in her best moments. She brings with her a very British sense of humor that combines her clumsiness while trying to maintain appearances. And Timm Sharp as Jim remains for me the funniest actor on the show with his delivery of small looks and actions. Watching him turn himself into a Casanova after one night and knowing he’ll implode at some point just makes his subtleties so much more potent.

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My constant complaint of not having enough for Rosalie to do was also somewhat quelled this week. After her near death experience in the prison scene, Martin and Rosalie get back together suggesting we’ll get deeper into her feelings about everything in the coming weeks. The problem has been a lack of any honest conversations with her this season, so hopefully putting her back with Martin create situations where she can talk about herself and not just the boring details of their show.

I was also very happy to see Jason Schwartzman back, who consistently has the best guest starring moments. Schwartzman seems to always know exactly what his character would do in this world, he gets the tone and he delivers on it every time. He holds the funniest moment of the episode when he says the phrase, “it’s like I’m tone deaf when it comes to space,” and then touches Walter nonchalantly on his face. I probably would have rated this episode higher for him alone even if nothing else were working.

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