Bold New Sci-Fi Thriller Pitch “Lost Boy” Based on Short Film Hits the Town (Exclusive)


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〉Burns is also set to direct the film.

The gifts of new projects keep giving as Hollywood approaches the holiday season. is a brand new pitch written by and that is set to hit the town in a striking way. of is representing the pitch as it goes out to major territories.

In the vein of Tron and Mad Max, the pitch is based on a high-concept short film of the same title from PostPanic Pictures and directed by Burns and Thorp. It’s an epic survival journey set in the near future where all organic life form has been inadvertently extinguished due to nanotechnology. What exists now are tribes of robotic warriors struggling to fulfill their programming and endure at whatever the cost.

You can watch the video below:

LOST BOY from PostPanic on Vimeo.

Given the cult popularity of both Tron and Mad Max (especially with both the critical and cultural acclaim last year’s Mad Max: Fury Road received), there’s no doubt that competition for this project will be rampant. Genre exists in a peculiar place in the Hollywood landscape, but always with the potential for high success and worldbuilding for a multi-movie franchise.

Most recently, Circle produced the two Max Landis projects American Ultra and Mr. Right, as well as the horror film Satanic starring Sarah Hyland.

This will not be Burns’ first time directing as he recently wrapped on Our House for XYZ Films and is currently in on Alpha at Lionsgate.

Previously, Thorp’s field of expertise was with visual effects on films like The Rite and 2013’s adaptation of Ender’s Game.

They are repped by Philip D’Amecourt and of and  and of .

We will have more on this story as it develops…


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