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The third season of wrapped up with more than a few shocking conclusions,  with one old plot line coming back in a twist and a dangling story that surprisingly barely got a mention in the final three episodes. It was an emotional roller coaster and I’ll try to wrap up each plot line, but as you know there were many, and some slipped through the cracks.

At the end of episode seven, “Right Play,” J. Edgar was still dealing with having shot one of the military contractors, Woody Woodrow. His work had questioned him thoroughly and now it is time to sit down with his two sons and answer any questions they have. When he’s through Edgar remarks how that was tougher than answering to his internal review investigators. His ex-wife reminds him that she doesn’t want his kids growing up without a father. And J. Edgar assures her that this will not be the case.

However, Xavi has different plans. When he’s supposed to board his boat, the Aye Papi, to go to Baja with his lady friend he has second thoughts. He has some unfinished business to take care of: avenging his friend Woodrow’s death. He kisses his girlfriend goodbye telling her he’ll walk to meet her in Baja if he has to; he walked through all of Afghanistan, didn’t he? Xavi also lets his “Captain” Dobbs believe he’s leaving the States, per his command. But at the end of the episode, he is perched on a hill with his sniper rifle in Edgar’s neighborhood. He placed one of his counterfeit twenties on the windshield and when Edgar comes to the front of the car he gets shot right through his shoulder.

He is able to call for help. But he sees his ring on the ground just outside the cover of the car. He reaches for it, and we see through Xavi’s crosshairs he can just get Edgar’s head. He fires AAAAND… we cut to black. It was one of the best cliffhanger moments of the show. I instantly turned on the next episode. Aaah, binge watching. What a time to be alive.

Edgar survives, obviously, but is put in the hospital on mend. It also turns out that the Aye Papi is discovered by Mexican police in Baja and Crate and Barrel go down to investigate. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on the Holland trial. They need to prove that Holland and the Taferos had Gunn murdered and set it up to look like Bosch did it, or Holland is likely to walk with no jail time. Bosch has no choice but to leak his footage of the Tuferos breaking into Gunn’s apartment that night. Through a third party he send it to the department. Robertson goes to the rooftop where the footage was filmed and knows that Bosch had something to do with it. But what?

And what does it matter now? They have a clear shot of Jesse Tafero’s face. They bring him in and arrest him. Rudy shows up just while everyone is dealing with J. Edgar’s shooting and ends up waiting a long time in the interrogation room. Eventually they get to him and he realizes he and his brother are caught. He’s an ex-cop so he knows how this goes and does beat around the bush. He cooperates in order to lessen the sentences of his brother. Knowing that he might need a little leverage over Holland one day, he stole the “storyboards” Holland drew up of how he wanted the Bosch framing and Gunn murder to go down.

Now, I know he thinks he’s invincible but it seems a LITTTLEEE far fetched he would be so dumb as to draw out exactly what happened. At any rate, Rudy goes in wearing a wire and gets Holland to basically admit to being a part of everything. Robertson and the cops move in and make the arrest. Holland is going away for a long time, and Bosch is off the hook.

Xavi is not, though. Dobbs put some sort of location tracker in Xavi’s phone, so when he calls him and Xavi tells him he’s in Baja, Dobbs can see that he’s somewhere in Venice. Dobbs knows Xavi was responsible for the shooting of J. Edgar and so he knows he has to tie up this loose end. He puts out some bait, telling Xavi he is going to go make one last score before heading to Canada. Xavi of course shows up to Dobbs’ yacht looking to make a little of that scratch himself. He brings his knife, though, knowing that he might need to use it. It’s the knife he killed poor Sharky with. He leaves it under a cushion on the yacht deck unbeknownst to Dobbs. So when Dobbs puts two bullets in Xavi’s head and drops him overboard tied to the anchor, he doesn’t realize Xavi got the last laugh–the murder weapon is on Dobbs’ boat. There is no honor among thieves.

This ends up playing an important role in booking Dobbs. In Woody’s car Bosch finds some brochures for some island just off the coast. This is where he believes he’s stashed his cash from the Afghanistan scam. He knows that Dobbs is probably headed there, too. A large portion of the finale is Bosch alone on this island setting traps for Dobbs. It fell odd and a little out of place but ultimately worked. He gets Dobbs in and finds the murder weapon on his boat. It’s a done deal.

That pretty much wrapped up the three major story lines of the season there: Gunn, Holland, and the Meadows murders. But there was still a lot of time left in the finale. What came next was a true shocker. Bosch following a new lead on his mother’s murder and discovers that the informant who he thought had killed his mother that night in the hotel when he was twelve was not the killer at all. It was the head of the police commission Walker who had used the informant’s alias to check into hotels with prostitutes, his mother being one of them. The season ends with Chief Irving accepting the position as Chief permanently from Walker and the mayor, knowing that Bosch suspects him of killing his mom. Bosch sits in the crowd and stares.

This was the biggest dangling thread that I’m sure we will pick up with in the already confirmed fourth season. The other? No resolution for the Koreatown Killer! The police arrested the wrong guy, and we know the real one is still on the loose! Another story for season four.

As I said at the start of these reviews, this was the first season of Bosch I actually caught and I have to say after enduring the ride that was this season, I’ll be glad to go back and watch the first two seasons. I recommend anyone do the same.

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  1. Paul, what do you consider a large portion? “A large portion of the finale is Bosch alone on this island setting traps for Dobbs.” Minute 11 when he touches the sand, to minute 15:22 when it first shows Dobbs’ boat being towed. Less than 5 minutes. Did you even watch the episode, or did you kick back with some edibles before episode 10 came up? I was looking for a quick recap before starting season 4, and came across whatever this is. A statement just above you being listed as Contributor says, “Paul could legally do detective work in the city of Los Angeles based solely on all the cop shows he’s consumed.” Nope! Well? It did say Los Angeles.

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