Boyd Holbrook Starring in Sci-Fi Thriller “The Thirst” for Fox Based on His Own Script


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Actor is developing a sci-fi action-thriller called  for 20th Century Fox based on his own idea, and he is in negotiations to write, star in and executive produce the resulting film, the Tracking Board confirms.  John Davis will produce the movie after producing The Predator for Fox, in which Holbrook also stars.

The plot and premise of the film is being kept under the wraps, but it’s an original idea from Holbrook that takes place in a world where water is scarce… so it’s the opposite of Kevin Costner’s Water World, hopefully in every sense of the word.

It was during the filming of The Predator where Hobrook pitched the idea to Fox exec. Matt Reilly with the support of Davis, who currently has the comedy Game Night in theaters. Reilly will oversee the project for the studio.

Holbrook first became known through his role as Steve Murphy on the Netflix series Narcos, and then last year, Holbrook starred in the hit Fox film Logan as the primary bad guy. He will appear in the Shane Black-directed The Predator for Fox later this year, and he will next be filming the Jim Mickle thriller In the Shadow of the Moon also for Netflix.

Holbrook is repped by , and with his latest project first being reported on by The Hollywood Reporter.

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