Brandon Routh Will Get Atomic on “Arrow”



has been tapped to play Ray Palmer (aka, the Atom) in the upcoming third season of the CW’s . Routh will be the third superhero to appear in DC’s expanding CW universe, joining Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow and Grant Gustin as the Flash (who is getting his own show next season). The Atom’s superpower allows him to shrink to microscopic sizes, while (in some versions) retaining his normal mass and strength.

This is not Routh’s first go as a DC superhero. In fact, before Henry Caville donned the cape (but after Christopher Reeves and Tom Welling did), Routh played Superman in Bryan Singer’s 2006 “Superman Returns.” The film received generally positive reviews, but didn’t quite perform well enough to get a sequel, and Warner Bros. eventually rebooted the Superman franchise entirely with the 2013 “Man of Steel.” Still, it was enough to give Routh a spot on the list, with Chris Evans and Ben Affleck, of actors who have played two different superheroes.

It’s not clear how exactly the Atom will be incorporated into the plot of “Arrow,” especially since the show hasn’t been afraid to diverge from the comics in the past. But we do know he’s not the only new DC character making an appearance. Devon Aoki (“D.E.B.S.,” “Sin City”) will also recur as Oliver Queen’s mentor Tatsu Yamashiro–better known by her superhero name, Katana.

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