Brian K. Vaughan And FX Are Teaming Up To Bring “Y: The Last Man” To TV



After years in purgatory, has found a promising new home on the small screen. FX is now starting on the much beloved comic series as a show, which sounds like a better fit than forcing all of the 60 issues into a film. New Line Originally bought the rights in 2007, but saw its creative partners lose interest after insisting that the story be told in a single film and not a trilogy of features.

Now the rights have reverted back to creator Brian K. Vaughan, and he’s putting his critically acclaimed comic book series into FX’s hands. and of Colorforce will be producing.

Y: The Last Man follow Yorick Brown, a magician who is hopelessly in love with a girl half a world away, who also happens to be the last human male on the planet. After a mysterious plague has wiped out the entire population of humanity’s men, Earth goes through a rough “restructuring” period, with hapless Yorick (and his capuchin monkey Ampersand) stuck in the middle.

If FX gets this to series, it will mark Vaughan’s return to since he left Under the Dome after its first season (read our reviews of the series to see why that may have been a smart move), and if executed properly will make FX a first choice for small-screen comic properties. Y: The Last Man will also pair well as a (slightly) more light-hearted cousin of the vampire-driven, apocalyptic comic property already at FX, The Strain. Vaughan is repped by .


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