*Updated as Offers Come in* Brie Larson, Daisy Ridley, & Alicia Vikander Circling as the Hottest Spec in Town Gears Up for the Weekend!


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*UPDATED February 27th, 2017*

We are now hearing multiple offers have started to come in for what has become one of this year’s hottest spec , as the A-list talent circling continues to expand. Joining the frenzy of talent and who we previously reported (below) had expressed interest heading into the weekend, we now hear and are circling the project, as are , and . The much talked-about project went into Oscar weekend with a full head of steam, as the buzz around the female-driven franchise hit dizzying heights before the industry’s biggest night. Now, as the spec makes its way into into every studio, it appears the fast-brewing bidding war will come down to the right package finding the right home.

Previously Reported…

Now on everyone’s radar, ’s red-hot spec has fast become the talk of the town as A-list and stars fight for territories.

Out from ’s , the project, which is being pitched as a grounded female-driven reimagining of the legend of Robin Hood, now has multiple requesting territories, as we can continue to exclusively track the moves. As previously reported, was the first star to begin circling, and now we’re hearing both and are in the mix for select territories with packages that include , , , , , and Micheal De Luca, among others. Each is eyeing this project as the start of a new female-driven franchise for their home studio, and as we all know, star-driven packages make everything happen more quickly.

Vikander, Ridley and Larson, who are no strangers to Hollywood tentpoles with the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot (Vikander), the Star Wars series (Ridley) and the upcoming Avengers and Captain Marvel films (Larson), are among the fastest-rising and most recognizable faces in Hollywood. As they begin to circle, you know studios are already looking ahead to the franchise potential of Marian. Factor in the built-in IP of Robin Hood (even as a reimagining) and the growing expectation on foreign box office, and even though only one of these women will land the titular lead role, any studio will still come out a winner.

Having hit the town last night as a top secret spec (sans title page or logline), the project created a frenzy of buzz as execs fought for a chance to read, and talk of those who had read it spread across the early Oscar parties of the week. Once revealed to be a female-driven franchise starter, the talk quickly turned to action, as the fight to get the script intensified.

Boxerbaum, who has now sold seven spec in as many weeks, may be in the middle of one of the biggest bidding wars of 2017 only 24 hours after the script started going out. As begin to battle for territories at every single studio, we can only sit and wait to see which star wins the role, which producer wins the territory, and which studio wins their next franchise.

Set to be produced by and his , who previously teamed up with to sell the spec script Matriarch to Paramount, Marian is represented by of and of .

Stay tuned here as we continue to track this project into the night…



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