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We’ve got back-to-back episodes for this week. First up, the nine-nine is breaking convention in “Cop Con.” With the annual NYPD Convention happening in Rochester, the precinct is filled with anticipation for good times, good sleep, and a good party. With Captain Holt giving a presentation at the convention in order to gain some positive press for the nine-nine, though, he doesn’t want the team doing anything stupid that will undermine his presentation. So the party part of the convention is off.

Psych! The party is most definitely still on, but Jake and the gang must keep it under wraps from Holt. The episode was good and included some genuinely great moments, including Terry accidentally hitting Jake with a firework, and Charles being jealous of a robot. The episode didn’t contain much substance beyond the hotel party, though. Holt is trying to win some positive attention with his presentation at the convention, and is up against a man who seems overly nice, though Holt is convinced he’s evil. Nobody really believes Holt’s suspicion and hate for the man is justified, but for the viewer, it doesn’t come as a surprise when you find out Holt was right all along. It’s an easy episode reveal that we’ve seen many times before. It didn’t make me hate the episode, but it’s also not a super exciting watch.

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What is exciting to watch is the hotel party – the nine-nine wakes up the next morning and none of them remember the night before. They have to retrace their footsteps, though, in order to find Captain Holt’s laptop in time for his presentation. He had given it to Terry the night before to have him add color to the slides to make it “more fun.” The party comes back to them in bits and pieces and they sleuth their way around the hotel looking for the laptop. It’s like a mini “The Hangover” movie but with cops and set in Rochester, New York.

Also fun in this episode, Scully finds a love interest. It’s been a big debate for years within the Brooklyn Nine-Nine fandom as to whether Scully had a wife or a dog named Kelly, and I think this episode clearly answers that – it’s definitely a dog…you know, unless we’re referring to a wife that’s passed away. Okay, so maybe this doesn’t clear anything up, but the point is, we get to see Scully have a storyline outside of a pairing with Hitchcock, and we get to see him try and talk about romance and bond with Amy and Gina. It’s cute, especially because this woman is basically his twin – she dresses the same, has some of the same mannerisms, and apparently, to Amy and Gina’s surprised, enjoys talking about gross bodily dysfunctions, just like Scully.

In the end, it all works out, though not exactly in the way you would assume. Jake, Terry, and Charles find Holt’s laptop. As Holt begins the slideshow, though, they quickly realize someone else sabotaged the presentation with pictures of the nine-nine raging away at the party. Not only is Holt’s opportunity to shed positive light on the precinct ruined, but their secret hotel party is not a secret anymore.


Holt, though upset, is not upset for the reasons you would assume. He’s upset because he can see how much fun the team was having in the photos that were taken, and he wasn’t there to be a part of that fun. It’s a touching moment for a mostly dry and deadpan Captain. To make up for it, the team takes Holt to a museum about electricity that he had been dying to go to. It’s a cute note to end on.

Next up, Amy’s stressing about a test in “Chasing Amy.” As far as I can tell, the episode bears very little to no resemblance to the actual movie, but I’ve never actually seen the movie, so any references are probably lost on me. This episode was also good, though not exceptional in any way. The jokes were a little more on-point, but perhaps this was because there wasn’t a big party scene plot distracting from the small quips and punchlines.


Amy is preparing to take the sergeant exam. If she wants to achieve her goal of becoming the youngest captain in NYPD history, she has to pass this test. Otherwise, she’ll have to wait another three years before she can take it again. She’s going nuts with stress and in turn, it’s making Jake a bit crazy. He decides to set up a practice exam for her to demonstrate that she’s ready for the test so she’ll stop worrying about it. He’s proud of himself for thinking of a great solution until Amy disappears from the exam unannounced and Jake and Rosa must use their detective skills to go and find her.

They follow her to the records office, where Jake finds her on the roof where they had their first flirtatious stakeout. Jake is worried that she bombed the practice exam and has given up on taking the test, but actually, Amy tells him she aced it with flying colors. She’s actually worried about what this promotion will do to their relationship, now that she knows it’s most certainly in her future. They have a rare heartfelt moment – a nice reminder that the show can be deeper than its punchlines – before Amy is off to pass her exam. Of course, they momentarily get stuck on the rooftop and Jake tries to use the firehose to propel down the side of the building, but Rosa quickly comes to save the day.

Overall, this week’s two episodes were good. Not the strongest storylines or humor of the season, but consistent with the quality of episodes viewers are used to enjoying. Definitely worth the watch, and a delight that we get two in one week!


Season 4, Episode 17/18 (S04E17 & E18)
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