Jake and Rosa are back at the precinct and (almost) ready for the field in this week’s episode of , “Kicks.” Continuing the show’s incredible streak of hilarity, this episode brings a lot of hope that the humor will not weaken as we transition into the less serialized part of the season.

The episode, which boasts multiple laugh-out-loud moments, really takes advantage of less frequently used characters (aka Hitchcock and Scully) as well as really embracing the show’s tone and comedic style. It might sound weird to say a show in its fifth season is just now embracing its own comedic style, and it’s obviously not true that this is the first time the show has ever hit its mark with its jokes, but this season does have a more relaxed feel to it. 

Season four often felt rigidly in place, with characters making the same or similar jokes over and over because their voices had already been defined and the rules regarding their behavior had already been set. It felt as though the show knew its characters a little too well, and often that preventing the show from making the best jokes it could make.

This season, however, feels different. You can see that the writers have relaxed the lines a little bit on what we should expect each character to say and do, and it’s really allowed an extra spark and surprise to every punchline. And really, that’s a much more realistic approach to character anyway, right? Because everyone grows and changes over time. 

In this episode specifically, we’ve watched it certainly open up Hitchcock and Scully’s characters (likely getting more screen time because Gina still isn’t back from maternity leave), but also Holt’s character, who was really able to play into Jake’s antics this week, making the show all the more funny.

Rosa’s character has also been able to open up just a bit more, giving her the opportunity for even more comedic moments, which really shine in this episode. In fact, the highlight of the episode for me was Amy pointing out that Rosa has carved a hole in the table, and Rosa covering the hole with a bowl and going “there, fixed it.” In her deadpan manner. I just about died laughing. 

This was a pretty interesting episode in terms of for both Jake and Rosa. Both are still recovering from their experiences in jail, and coping with it manifests itself in different ways for both of them. For Jake, he wants to get off of mandatory desk duty to go back in the field, and for Rosa, she’s fine with desk duty, but realizes her relationship with Pimento isn’t fine.

Jake gets Holt to put him on a case to be evaluated for duty. Holt does the evaluation while Jake helps Charles solve a case of grand larceny involving designer sneakers. It’s literally Jake’s dream case. Like the great detective that he is, Jake is able to pretty quickly hunt down the perpetrator and arrest him. Jake is confident he’s going to be approved by Holt to go back into the field full-time, until Jake has doubts about whether he caught the right person. He worries he’s just condemned an innocent man to prison, so he lets the perpetrator go and investigates further, until he discovers he was right all along. He realizes that his time in jail has made him overly cautious about sending others to prison. He tells Holt he’s clearly not ready to go back into the field, but Holt disagrees. He thinks Jake’s caution is a sign that he’s maturing as a detective and that he’ll be more mindful about his arrests and getting them right in the future. He tells Jake that he can go back into the field, but Jake decides he needs a few more weeks on desk duty. 

Meanwhile, Rosa is fine with desk duty, but becomes convinced that Pimento is cheating on her. In her obsession to find out, she stalks him and discovers him meeting up with another woman at a restaurant. She decides to break up with him, but Pimento explains that he’s been trying to learn to impress her father. Embarrassed, Rosa apologizes, but she realizes that she actually felt relieved breaking up with Pimento, and decides that it’s time the two of them broke up, so she ends it with him anyways.

What’s next in store for Rosa and Jake as they try to overcome their prison experiences? And will it be as funny as this week’s episode? Let’s hope so.

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