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It’s the return of Pimento in this week’s episode of , “Monster in the Closet,” and I could not be more excited. After two long weeks waiting for the next installment in this season’s story, the over at the nine-nine did not disappoint. Along with Pimento came everything we’ve come to expect from an episode involving Pimento: extremely dark jokes and seriously detailed spoken imagery, too much PDA too quickly with Rosa, and disastrously large decisions made in-the-moment. It all boils down to what Brooklyn Nine-Nine does best: wildly absurd characters.

My favorite moment of the entire episode, however, had absolutely nothing to do with Pimento, and everything to do with Holt, who continues to carry the show like he’s freaking Atlas and everyone else is just sparkling diamonds in the sky. (This is a compliment to the entire cast, I want to be clear.) The joke was a simple, perfect Holt runner that just nailed a beautiful punch as the tag at the end of the episode.

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When Pimento returns, he and Rosa make a split-second decision to get married. With roughly seventeen hours to plan the wedding, Amy delegates the different tasks that need taken care of, and puts Holt in charge of decorations. He immediately fixates on balloon arches. It’s apparently a thing he really loves, but Amy and Terry just aren’t feeling it, and after unsuccessfully trying to steer Holt away from balloon arches as a decoration piece, Amy confronts him head-on, telling him the balloon arches aren’t classy like he thinks they are. He’s of course upset, because he’s just spent all this time creating balloon arches! But he relents.

Jump to the end of the episode, Rosa comes to Holt in his office, who answers the door but won’t let her in. She insists on know what’s going on, and he gives in and lets her see that he’s got a balloon arch sitting behind his desk. He prepares himself for the criticism, but Rosa thinks it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. We cut on Holt getting some much-deserved vindication. Not as funny explained out on paper. Hilarious to watch.

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The other running joke that really nailed it in tonight’s episode was, surprisingly, a Hitchcock and Scully bit. Amy puts the two mess-ups in charge of picking out chairs, and because of how much time they spend sitting around doing nothing, they’re relatively good at picking out the chairs. We keep expecting them to mess up – they even keep expecting to mess up – and they never do. The chairs are fabulous, Amy thinks they look great, and they become Hitchcock and Scully’s proudest accomplishment.

The whole episode is a vibrant refresher on the humor that Brooklyn Nine-Nine does so well. Especially after the deflated Halloween episode, “Monster in the Closet” really pulls in the great punches that this season started so strongly with in its first few episodes. Perhaps part of this is due to the episode’s focus on Rosa and Pimento, two characters that haven’t spent a lot of time in the spotlight. Perhaps that’s the real hidden trick behind the show – finding new ways to focus on character spotlights and pairings that get neglected in the show’s usual setup.

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Fear not, though, if you’re worried that you missed Rosa and Pimento’s wedding. Between the “Universe,” Jake, and Amy, Rosa and Pimento realize that getting married was a split decision made maybe a second too soon, and they call off the wedding. They’re still together, they just realize they aren’t ready to get married yet. Holt is keeping his balloon arch forever, though.

The show continues to be fun to watch. More than Parks and Rec or The Office, though, the show seems to take its best strides when the episodes center around the more serialized elements. I’ll be here next week to find out if the nine-nine can keep this comedic streak going.


Season 4, Episode 6 (S04E06)
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