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Looks like it’s the can for Jake and Rosa in the two-part season finale of , “The Bank Job” and “Crime and Punishment.” The show is making an interesting move for the half-hour comedy, taking on the typically more serious plotlines in its cop drama cousins and investigating firsthand into whether these story arcs work in comedy. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s tendency to stray away from its absurd character-driven humor and into more familiar archetypal cop plots is what has set it apart from its older half-siblings, Parks and Rec, and The Office.

The season four two-part finale was a prime example of the show’s ability to take a typically dramatic story arc and turn it somewhat on its head with humor. While not the laugh-out-loud funny viewers got with both The Office, Parks and Rec, and even the earlier seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the episodes manage to bring in the antics fans have come to love from the nine-nine, while keeping viewers guessing where the show will take Jake and the gang next.

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My only complaint from this season finale is that it feels a bit rushed – we start the story arc three episodes out from the finale with last week’s episode, “The Slaughterhouse.” However, by the time we get to the finale episode, there’s a lot that’s been left unsaid. We’ve barely discovered that these cops are dirty, and then suddenly Jake and Rosa are being blindsided in their investigation and framed for bank robberies.

As I’ve mentioned before, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has set a pattern of serializing the bookends of each season, and tossing one-off episodes into the middle, but season four was a bit more jarring, particularly with the four-month hiatus right in the middle. Gina’s bus accident felt strange because it’s not something we typically see the show use in a one-off. I kept expecting it to somehow tie into everything else. Likewise, almost the entire first half of the season dealt with the repercussions of the three-part season debut. Individually, the season is full of great, comedic episodes, but as a whole, it’s lacking a little bit of that Brooklyn Nine-Nine magic previous seasons possessed.


The finale begins with “The Bank Job” – Jake and Rosa go to Captain Holt in secret to tell him about their discovery of Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins as a dirty cop. Because of Lieutenant Hawkin’s good name and air-tight reputation, Jake and Rosa realize they have to gain her trust by pretending to be dirty cops as well. In order to do that, they recruit Pimento as their ‘victim,’ and stage a threatening interrogation. Hawkins sees this, and invites them into her inner circle.

With the help of Holt, Jake and Rosa provide some cocaine to Hawkins and her inner circle upon request, and the two spend the night partying hard with Hawkins’ team. (Of course, they themselves don’t use any of the coke, they only pretend.) Still, somehow, Jake and Rosa find themselves being woken the next morning by Hawkins, who tells them they’re going to go rob a bank. Jake texts Holt the bank he thinks is going to be robbed, but when the nine-nine gets there, the robbery isn’t happening. Instead, Jake and Rosa have been set up by Hawkins and her team busts the “robbery” where Jake and Rosa are immediately taken into custody.

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In “Crime and Punishment,” part-two of the season finale, Jake and Rosa stand trial for the robberies they’ve been framed for. Jake is confident they aren’t going to lose, because they have a “two-pronged” defense – they don’t have the money, and they have rock-solid alibis for the first three robberies.  However, Hawkins has somehow paid off one of the other pretend robbers testifying, and he decimates their defense by saying they had planned to stay away from the robberies to keep alibis, but were short man power at this last robbery. Then Hawkins provides off-shore account details in Jake’s and Rosa’s names to prove that they do have the money. The nine-nine works hard to try and counter Hawkin’s claims and prove that she’s really dirty, but she’s always one step ahead of them, and in the end, Jake and Rosa are found guilty.

Woah. So what happens next for our lead and the nine-nine team? Guess we’ll have to wait until season five to find out.
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