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It’s a double hitter – or should I say, runner? – in this week’s two-parter of , “The Fugitive.” The midseason finale, which aired at a special time Sunday night, had quite a few twists and turns in its midsts. The episode started out slightly different than usual, with a teaser that took us to the scene of the crime (or at least, the first crime), instead of to the bullpen with the nine-nine team. The change wasn’t jarring, though – in fact, it was kind of a refreshing change from the show’s typical format. The style was also reminiscent of the format the show tends to take during its more serialized episodes, which, viewers who enjoy the serialized episodes of the show will discover with delight, is exactly what these episodes are.

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A pleasant, but not necessarily unexpected surprise is Jake’s team-up with the Pontiac bandit. After spending the first half of the special (Fugitive Pt. 1) competing with Amy to capture the most escaped fugitives, for the prize of loser moving into the winner’s apartment, the nine-nine is down to only one criminal still loose. This fugitive is not only the most dangerous out of all of them, but is also the one – as the detectives will discover – who set up the jailbreak to begin with. In order to find the fugitive, Jake must enlist the help of his arch nemesis – The Pontiac Bandit.

Surprisingly, however – and much to Captain Holt’s surprise and annoyance – the two hit it off right away. Turns out, when Jake isn’t chasing The Pontiac Bandit, and The Pontiac Bandit isn’t making his get away from Jake, the two can be quite good friends. However, Captain Holt remained suspicious, and honestly, I don’t blame him. I was suspicious, too! After all those times that The Pontiac Bandit had pulled the wool over Jake’s eyes, I thought for sure this was just another one of those times.

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And for a while there towards the end, it did feel as though that might be the case. But lucky for Jake, The Pontiac Bandit stuck to hs promise (and Jake’s promise to give him a full pardon) upon completion of his help. Instead of leaving when given the chance, The Pontiac Bandit confesses the fugitive that he’s on his side, and the fugitive believes him. Sucka.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Andy Samberg in the first part of the one-hour Fall Finale episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, “The Fugitive Part 1,” airing on a special night, Sunday, Jan. 1 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: John P Fleenor/FOX

The most startling aspect of the episode, however, was the ending. If you haven’t watched the episodes yet, stop now because this is a MAJOR spoiler: Gina gets hit by a bus! What? The episode ends on her getting rammed by the whale of metal, Regina George-style. Our only solace – or perhaps it’s simply salt in the wound – is a title card at the end of the episode announcing “to be continued.” From everything I’ve read online, it’s unclear at this point whether or not Gina will survive and Chelsea will be back on the show. It’s kind of a crazy way for a character to go on a sitcom – even a single cam one, and especially one like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But if Gina was going to leave the show forever, you have to admit, that’s a pretty epic way to go.

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Up to that point, the episodes were pretty typical Brooklyn Nine-Nine in story, character choices, and humor, as well as plot . Antics with criminals and heartening moments where Jake discovers that little seed of maturity right in the center of his heart. But Gina getting hit by a bus? Way out in left-field. Not that I hated it, by any means. Don’t get me wrong – I would hate to discover that Chelsea’s beloved and hilarious character is getting written out of the show. But having a character hit by a bus, at worse dead, and at the very least grossly injured, and watching the other characters and/or that character deal with this serious thing in a funny way is a refreshing thing to look forward to. But, I guess we ultimately won’t know what to expect next until the next episode airs. #letGinalive


Season 4, Episode 11-12  (S04E11-E12)
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