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Tonight, was the last night, for the night shift nights of in tonight’s episode, “The Overmining.” (Bet you thought that episode title was going somewhere else.) (Get your mind out of the gutter.) (No, YOU stop speaking in parentheticals.)

The big story of the night was an amazing foot spa that Boyle and Rosa discovered that I wish was an actual place that existed in real life, because as Liz Lemon would say, “I want to go to there.” You may be wondering why the show centered an entire episode around Boyle and Rosa finding a foot spa that they both gave raving “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” reviews to – it didn’t. I misled you. The real center story is actually about Jake and Holt helping Captain CJ (aka the ditzy dude who banished the nine-nine to the night shift in the first place) bust a drug dealer after he accidentally loses a ton of confiscated cocaine. However, I think Boyle and Rosa’s foot spa really carried the show. Especially at the end, when they found out the foot spa was laundering money and because they swore an oath to honor the callings of their jobs as cops, they decide to betray their love for the really strong foot massages and arrest the entire spa. Yeah, that part had me practically in tears. Move over, Kate Winslet, Boyle’s leading this Titanic love story.

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Anyways, we should probably talk about the other things happening in this episode. And maybe get back to Jake, Holt, and CJ, since, ultimately, they’re the reason the nine-nine won’t have to go back to the night shift. But definitely important is Gina’s space heater, so let’s talk about that. New city guidelines about energy has Terry limiting the office on what they can use electricity for, and for how long. Even Amy is going to have to stop laminating everything. Gina’s not giving up her space heater without a fight, though. She buys two more space heaters and even starts her dress on fire when she hides it underneath her skirt so Terry can’t take it. Gina’s on fire, and she still wins. The woman is my hero.

But Terry prevails eventually. He lets everyone in the office have a space heater, which of course immediately means Scully with his shirt off, eating a sandwich in front of it. The only way to get sweaty Scully back into that shirt is for Gina to surrender her space heaters. Thank goodness for the team and the viewers she relents. Nobody wants to see sweaty, shirtless Scully eating a sandwich.


Okay, fine, let’s talk about Jake and Holt…and CJ. CJ comes to Holt and Jake, asking if they’ve seen a backpack he had in his office – it’s full of cocaine. CJ’s somehow lost it, and he doesn’t know where it’s gone, but it’s an important piece of evidence so of course it’s a big deal. Jake and Holt review security footage and discover that CJ had the day shift precinct distracted for two hours in the break room, singing songs on his guitar, and a dude literally just walked in and took the backpack out of CJ’s office, straight up, no questions, no witnesses. Jake wants to sabotage at the first, but Holt gives Jake a lecture about taking the higher road. This becomes less difficult when Jake learns that CJ wanted to be transferred, but his transfer request was denied.  Instead, Jake promises to help fix this fiasco and let CJ take all the credit for it, in the hopes that he will get the transfer out of the nine-nine and the team can go back to day shift and their normal lives.


This works out beautifully when, after a couple failed attempts to discover the dealer’s location (thanks CJ, for continuing to screw things up), Jake and Holt leave CJ in a patrol vehicle a couple blocks away while they perform a drug bust. Except, CJ winds up helping in the end because he sees a spider in the car and happens to open the door to his vehicle just as the perp is running past, subsequently knocking the dealer unconscious.

However, super annoying is the fact that this simple win on CJ’s part has him feeling like he was the reason the whole case got solved, and if he can do that, he can do anything, so he’s not going to transfer after all. Crap, Jake and Holt are never escaping the nightshift. Except, in a crazy back-stabbing, soap opera-y move, Holt suggests a medal ceremony for CJ and invites a ton of press people. When CJ’s natural incompetence comes out in front of the media, the higher ups take initiative to move him and Holt gets reassigned to the day shift, where he takes the rest of the nine-nine with him. Glorious.


Season 4, Episode 9 (S04E09)
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