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It’s another back-to-back episode week on . First, Holt’s mother comes to visit the precinct when her apartment is broken into. Then, Jake and Rosa meet their NYPD hero as they unintentionally get thrust into solving an undercover case.

Both episodes are fun, and the premises simple but humorous this week, though “Your Honor” was more of a funny delight to watch than “The Slaughterhouse.” However, while “Your Honor” had the privilege of introducing us to Holt’s mother and playing with details about Holt’s childhood (an amazing on-running bit if there ever was one), “The Slaughterhouse” did bring some potential excitement into this otherwise strangely set up season, opening the gates into what will hopefully be the beginning to the show’s typical serialization that takes us from one season ending into another season beginning.


First up, Holt’s mother, the Honorable Lavern Holt, a well-established judge, visits the precinct after her home is burglarized during wine night with her local social group. After hearing that another wine night patron’s home was also burglarized a few months’ previously during wine night, Jake and Holt decide to go undercover at the gathering. However, Jake, who is determined to become best friends with Holt’s mother, is put in a tough situation when the suspect Holt wants to take into custody turns out to be Lavern’s boyfriend that Holt has no idea about. After confiding this information to Jake, Jake must decide between keeping his promise to Lavern not to reveal this information to Holt, or being a good friend and detective to his Captain and letting him know that they’re investigating the wrong suspect.

Meanwhile, Rosa, Terry, and Boyle are tasked with redoing the break room when the precinct comes into a little bit of money to get new furniture. The three do an amazing of redecorating, making the place bright and brand new. However, their work doesn’t go over well with the precinct, and it’s up to Scully and Hitchcock to tell them exactly why nobody in the precinct likes the new break room furniture.

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While all of that is happening, Amy takes it upon herself to teach Gina how to change a car tire. Gina, who does not care about changing tires in the least, uses Amy to get her tire changed without learning anything or paying any money for it. She doesn’t understand why she would want to do that when she could pay someone else to do it for her. Amy is, of course, upset by this and determined to get Gina to see things her way.

In the end, everything works out as it should. When the address that Jake gave as an undercover cop at the wine night has an attempted break in, he and Holt realize who the actual criminal must be. Holt also rekindles a closer relationship with his mother that includes sharing more about their personal lives. Rosa, Terry, and Boyle let Hitchcock and Scully fix the furniture in the break room after they realize their mistake, and Gina learns to change a tire – without Amy’s help – after she is motivated to do so by Amy’s determination and actions.

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“The Slaughterhouse” is up next, and is aptly named after the undercover headquarters where Rosa’s and Jake’s undercover idol, Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, runs her undercover cop operation. The two meet Hawkins after a botched drug raid interferes with a larger undercover investigation to infiltrate a big drug market and dealer in NYC. When the criminal in question who breaks his ankle while fleeing the scene turns out to be an undercover cop, Hawkins steps in to reprimand Jake and Rosa. However, when they share their intel on a larger drug criminal, Billy Ocampo, Hawkins decides they might just be exactly the detectives she needs to finally bust open this undercover mission. With the promise that with a well done one of them might have a place on her team, the rivalry between Jake and Rosa to see who can get the position is on.

Meanwhile, Hitchcock and Scully are at odds as Hitchcock’s new girlfriend brings a dynamic to their friendship that Scully doesn’t know how to handle. With their fighting and antics causing major messes and a total distraction to the precinct, Boyle and Terry try every dad move they have up their sleeves to get the two to work their issues out together. Also happening in this episode, Holt loses Amy’s favorite pen, and when Amy refuses to get angry at Holt for being so reckless, Holt decides it’s time to address Amy’s issues with authority.

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In the end, the problems are again resolved, as Jake and Rosa get a lead on Ocampo and arrest him. When they demonstrate to Hawkins that they have each other’s backs, Hawkins decides to bring both detectives onto the team. Gina, meanwhile, schools Terry and Boyle, telling them their mistake was treating Hitchcock and Scully like anything other than animals. When she scolds them like a pair of dogs and offers them treats, the two finally make up and all is well. Holt also tricks Amy into yelling at him, thus opening up the floodgates for talking back to authority.

The episode ends on an intriguing note, as Jake and Rosa leave the slaughterhouse. Jake runs back inside to use the bathroom and spots Hawkins handing drugs over to Ocampo and telling him not to get caught this time. The episode ends on Jake, realizing that the woman he and Rosa both just agreed to work for is actually a dirty cop. What will happen next in the last two episodes of the season? I suppose we’ll find out next week.


Season 4, Episodes 19-20 (S04E19-20)
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