Bryan Cranston Is In The Dog House With Wes Anderson And Company


wes anderson

While performing his weekly jazz set, regular revealed that he will be playing a dog in ’s next film alongside , , and , according to Dan Casey at The Nerdist. While Balaban and Norton have each appeared in multiple Anderson films, this will be a first for Cranston who is most famous for his television work in the series Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle.

There have been numerous articles citing the many occurrences of harm coming to man’s best friend in Anderson’s films (Buckley is run over in Royal Tenenbaums, Snoopy is shot with an arrow in Moonrise Kingdom, Cody the three-legged dog is left stranded on an island in The Life Aquatic) leading fans to believe that Anderson is not a fan of animals, though the director has repeatedly denied this. Now Anderson appears to be setting the record straight by basing entire story around them in his second stop-motion animated film. His first outing, Fantastic Mr. Fox was a critical success although it was overshadowed at the box office by a new Twilight sequel.

No further word on the plot has been revealed, apart from being Japanese-inspired, nor any information on who Cranston and the rest of the gang will each be playing.

Cranston will next appear in the film biopic Trumbo. He is repped at UTA.


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This story was first reported by The Nerdist.

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