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In this week’s , we meet Bull’s infamous ex-wife Isabella Colon, a lifestyle guru in the vein of Martha Stewart meets Gwyneth Paltrow, as his team helps her in a wrongful death civil suit against her company. Isabella, who happens to be Benny’s estranged sister, just to up the drama little bit, is being accused of letting bee pollen slip into one of her smoothie powders, resulting in the death of a young woman named Olivia, who’s deathly allergic to bees. It’s an interesting case, as it really does seem like Izzy is in the wrong for the majority of the episode, thus making it an exploration of whether or not Bull will put aside his morals for his love, but of course, we learn in a ridiculous twist that it wasn’t her company’s fault at all.


The episode is called “Too Perfect”, which has been one of my main complaints about Dr. Jason Bull throughout the series—he’s too perfect, seemingly gifted at everything from the minds of jurors to playing the guitar to dispensing fatherly advice to a client. Here, we learn that he too has faults. He couldn’t make his relationship with Izzy work, with the final nail in the coffin being his inability to cope with her miscarriage. It’s nice to see that Bull isn’t God, but this random new bit of information felt like a forced attempt at drama. This episode was all over the place tonally, dropping this tragic reveal into a plot that also included Chunk and Marissa trying to get two mirror jurors to hook up, in order to properly recreate the actions of the real jury.

“Too Perfect” is also the jurors’ main complaint about Izzy. Her aspirational brand holds people to impossible standards. Everyone who tries her lifestyle tips eventually fails, as no normal person can match the high bar she’s set for herself. The jurors have a love/hate relationship with Izzy, as they love her celebrity and image, but hate that they themselves can never achieve it. This is the first time Bull has taken on the case of a celebrity and it provides added challenges for him—one juror gets onto the jury by lying and saying she’s never heard of Isabella Colon, even though she’s secretly such a big fan she’s wearing a pair of earrings from her line. Bull of course picks up on this, but Izzy’s lawyer doesn’t, so she makes it on.


But Bull is also able to use Izzy’s celebrity to his advantage. In order to make the jurors realize that Izzy is a vulnerable person, and therefore doesn’t need to be taken down a notch with a liable verdict, he stages a confrontation between the two of them in a bar. Danni points it out to the other patrons, who immediately begin filming it. The video goes viral. Bull’s talk about love being imperfect hits home with the two jurors hooking up. They had stopped, thus putting them in bad moods, but get back together after seeing the video, therefore getting in the right mindset to vote not liable.

There’s still the question of where the bee pollen came from. Cable uncovers the fact that the shipment the packet came from was from a factory that Isabella doesn’t normally use. Her overworked COO Allison went to another factory, not vetted by Izzy, because she didn’t want to tell her that her request to double production that week wasn’t possible. But Bull doesn’t represent guilty people, so of course that couldn’t be the source of pollution. Cable also uncovers the fact that Olivia got really into Isabella’s workout/cooking/cleaning regimen three weeks ago.


Why three weeks ago? Because she discovered that her husband, the sympathetic plaintiff, was having an affair with a woman named Katrina and was trying anything to get him to stay with her. Bull meets with Katrina and brings her to the trial, getting the husband to admit on stand that he was cheating and told her that he’d leave her wife. Bull’s alternate theory as to how the bee pollen got in the smoothie is that the husband put there to kill Olivia. Yes, instead of a simple case of cross-contamination in an unvetted factory, this is now a convoluted murder case.

Bull turns out to be right, but not about the culprit. Katrina poisoned Olivia’s smoothie, as she wanted to speed up the husband leaving her. It’s ridiculous, but whatever. This episode also saw Benny and Izzy reconcile, as apparently they haven’t talked in three years after he turned down a to work for her. Their long talks are the most boring part of this episode. The episode ends with Bull and Izzy kissing…have the sparks been rekindled? Izzy is probably the only woman who can put up with Bull’s perfection. Next week sees the team head to Bull’s hometown to help in a murder trial, so hopefully we’ll learn more about what makes this seemingly perfect man tick.


Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
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