“Captain Phillips” Author Stephan Talty Stirs Up The Rights Market With Mob Drama “The Black Hand” (EXCLUSIVE)



〉 Talty is the co-author of the memoir that inspired the Tom Hanks drama Captain Phillips.

Best-selling author  is back on the TV and film rights market with a new work of historical non-fiction, . Talty is best known for co-writing A Captain’s Duty which was adapted for the screen as Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks.

The Black Hand is set in turn-of-the-century New York and follows NYPD detective Joseph Petrosino. He was known as the “Italian Sherlock Holmes” for his clever sleuthing abilities and love of disguises. Petrosino managed to decode and dismantle a terrifying crime wave orchestrated by the ‘Black Hand’, the precursor to the Mafia. Petrosino’s bravery and deductive genius changed the course of American policing but also lead to his execution in Sicily at the hands of the Mafia.

black irish

In addition to The Black Hand and Captain’s Duty, Talty has written several other non-fiction books including Mulatto America, Empire Of Blue Water, The Illustrious Dead, Escape From The Land Of Snows, and Agent Garbo. These works all center on the mixing of black and white culture throughout American History.

Talty’s Operation Cowboy, about the operation to save the world’s most beautiful horses in the last days of World War II, was optioned by Mad Riot Entertainment.

Talty has also written for New York Times Magazine, GQ, Playboy, Irish Times, and Chicago Review, among others. On the fiction side, Talty penned Black Irish, a crime novel that introduces the Harvard-educated detective, Absalom Kearney, and marks the beginning of a new crime series.

He is repped by ’s is handling the TV and film rights.


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