{Heat Meter} Carter Blanchard Storming Hollywood With “Uncanny Valley” Feature Pitch – Now Into Six Territories!



Carter Blanchard is storming Hollywood with his feature pitch based on Federico Heller‘s incredible short UNCANNY VALLEY, which we can confirm is already into six territories, with more to follow. Blanchard is well on his way to bringing this inspired sci-fi story to the big screen, originally written and directed by Heller, produced by 3Dar and repped by of .

Set in a near-future dystopia, the story follows the impoverished residents of a slum plagued by virtual reality addicts who earn a meager living playing violent games while serving as the workforce for real world wars. Sociopaths, wastrels, desperate or suicidal, they spend their days increasingly isolated and cared for, barely, by overworked social workers. The tone has been described as being in the vein of Ready Player One and All You Need Is Kill.

Blanchard, who is repped by and at and Madhouse‘s  and , has quickly ascended from a two-time Hit List alum to one of the most sought after screenwriters working today. After writing the script for Independence Day: Resurgence for Fox, he quickly got to work adapting Brandon Sandersen’s Steelheart series for 21 Laps.

Blanchard is pitching the project as a part of a larger multimedia platform that could potentially include a virtual reality component. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology with Blanchard’s remarkable storytelling has some of the industry’s biggest players swarming as we speak, including Lawrence Grey, Jerry Bruckheimer, David Ellison and Dan Lin.

While we’ve heard from a number of sources that several offers are already in, as of this posting we can confirm that 1 offer is already in from Sony for Neal Moritz to produce alongside Blanchard and Heller, the latter of whom will direct.

We can confirm that the script is officially into multiple territories now, including:

Original into Sony
Grey Matter into Universal
Jerry Bruckheimer into Paramount
Skydance into Ian Bryce
Dan Lin into Warner Bros.
Multiple into Fox




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