Cast Will Be “Condemned”


by: Sammy Mink

A big cast is willing to be with Dylan Penn. The horror flick follows a group of kids living in a condemned squat when they start spreading an infection through the building that causes the residents to lose their minds and start murdering those around them.

The cast is full of actors whose names you probably don’t know but whose faces you definitely do. The cast now includes:

, repped by , has starred in three films alongside Bruce Willis: “Tears of the Sun,” “The Whole Ten Yards,” and “Hostage.”
Ronen Rubinstein, repped by Gersh and , has performed exclusively in indie films like “It Felt Like Love” and “Detachment.”
, repped by and Caliber Media, is the frontman for the rock group Stellastarr and wrote, directed and acted in the film “Before I Disappear.”
, repped by and Radius, played the slacker son Denny in “Meet the Parents” as well as small roles in “House of Wax” and “Non-Stop.”
, repped by Abrams Artist Agency, was in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” and recently played Abe in the drama “Dark Horse.”

Also among the long list cast are , , , and .



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