Catch A Glimpse Of Kid Flash From The New Season Of “The Flash”


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In anticipation of the upcoming third season, The CW has released the first look of Kid Flash, aka Wally West, played by on THE FLASH. In the comics, the character served as sidekick to Barry Allen’s The Flash. The new season is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 4, kicking off The CW’s series premieres. The first episode of the season is titled “Flashpoint” and will mark the first appearance of Kid Flash.

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In the comics, “Flashpoint” was a 2011 comic book crossover story arch that included a core limited series, written by Geoff Johns and pencilled by Andy Kubert, and several tie-in titles. The storyline dealt with an altered DC Universe where only Barry Allen is aware of significant differences between his normal timeline and the new one. It included Cyborg as the world’s quintessential hero, Superman being detained by the government, and Thomas Wayne as Batman who runs “Wayne Casinos.”

In the season two finale, Barry (played by Grant Gustin) lost another major character and was so enraged he ran back and time and saved his mother from being killed, an action so important that it immediately disrupted his timeline. When season three begins, Allen will now exist in a wholly new world with the narrative status of familiar faces on the series now completely up in the air. While Superman has been cast on sibling series Supergirl, there has been no announcement that he would arrive in the “Flashpoint” but since the first episode back is clearly inspired by the comics, it might be a nice nod to the original source material to include Superman in detention.

Lonsdale joined the series in season two as Wally West, the son of Joe (Jesse L. Martin) that no one knew existed. After being saved by The Flash, Wally grew infatuated with the hero and eventually learned his identity. In an accident at STAR Labs, Wally and Jesse Wells were both hit with the same power surge as Barry. Wally did not appear to have any symptoms of a meta-human after the incident, so Kid Flash could appear out of latent symptoms or, more likely, as a new alternate timeline or universe version of Wally.

Also joining the cast in season three is Harry Potter star Tom Felton as a CSI who works with Barry at CCPD and is suspicious of Allen.

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