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A segmented selection of AWARDS & FESTIVALS. This hub covers all of the annual industry awards lists such as the Hit List, Black List, Young & Hungry List, Blood List, Brit List, Viewfinder List, etc.

T-Minus 4 Hours… The Hit List is Coming! #HITLIST2013

The annual “BEST SPECS OF THE YEAR” list is nearly upon us. With over 500 industry members voting from a pool of over 400 eligible spec scripts, our 2013 list offers some big surprises, new records, a healthy mix of fresh faces and familiar names, and a new round of reigning champs on both the writer and the representative side. Look for our complete break down & analysis of all the projects earning a spot on this year’s list, as well as the writers, reps and producers behind them. It’s going to be a fun day!

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Just in time for Halloweeen, industry manager Kailey Marsh has revealed the top 13 choices for the 2012 Blood List!

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The Viewfinders Frames List 2011

Every year VIEWFINDERS FRAMES polls studio executives, producers and creatives for their top 10 short films, commercials and/or music videos from that year. We release the list at the end of every year.