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Geraldine Blockers“Geraldine Viswanathan plays the daughter of John Cena and Sarayu Blue, and she’s a winning lead, a smart vivacious kid who is up for a night of experimentation and boundary-breaking. It’s a refreshing character, made even more refreshing because Viswanathan is not the conventional face of teen comedy,” writes Drew McWeeny.

RPO“There’s one sequence here that Spielberg to pay tribute to not one but two artists he adores, and he recreates a specific film to such a startling degree that it made me dizzy. It is stunning work, and even now, a few days later, I can’t really believe what I saw. That’s one reason I consider Spielberg the greatest commercial filmmaker of all time,” writes Drew McWeeny.

Hereditary Review“Even if I don’t think Hereditary totally works in terms of what story gets told, the storytelling is commanding. As an experience, this was exactly what I look for from a Sundance midnight movie — a creepy exercise in control that sends the audience uneasily out into the frozen dark,” writes noted horror buff Drew McWeeny.