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Spielberg Netflix“Steven Spielberg doesn’t think that Netflix movies should be eligible for Oscars. So would Spielberg, who has been such an enormous supporter of the #MeToo movement, begrudge Mudbound cinematographer Rachel Morrison her history-making nomination? In the words of my therapist, ‘there’s a lot to unpack here,'” writes Neil Turitz.

James Cameron Terminator“What is it about this new Terminator movie that requires a huge, $200 million-plus mega-budget? Scale the thing back to a third of the price, and not only do you increase the film’s odds of turning a profit, thereby ensuring another installment, but you’re also potentially grounding the storytelling into something more accessible,” writes Neil Turitz.

Neil Scam 1The sad truth is, this town is full of predators eager to prey on your dreams, knowing full well how many people will do anything for a job in showbiz. For Harvey Weinstein and those like him, that meant sex in exchange. For others, like this cowardly scammer, that means money. Just know that you don’t need to give up either for a job,” writes Neil Turitz.