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Tracking every spec script as it hits the market.

Silver Bitela Agency is out with LASERBLADERS by Robert C. Powers. A young blind girl is kidnapped from a roller rink and taken to the Nightmare Dimension where she is to marry the Lord of Nightmare and….

Silver Bitela Agency is out with HOT by Robert C. Powers. A “hot” teenage girl is kidnapped, imprisoned in a cabin and must use all her wiles to stay….

Jackson Agency is out with SERIAL ARTIST by Deondra Edwards. Two artistically gifted foster brothers have been released into society and aspire to become the greatest serial killer duo of all time. They must balance their career in….

Fastbreak Management is out with THE HEAD WRITER by Michael Wightman. A long suffering late night comedy writer’s simmering anger and jealousy begins to boil over into madness as he grows increasingly obsessed with….

Verve is out with SIDEWINDER by Brent Dillon. A retired CIA agent is contacted by a notorious gray hat hacker during her morning round of marathon training in….

Verve is out with BIRTHRIGHT by Ryan Belenzon & Jeffrey Gelber. A widower descends down a bizarre rabbit hole when he learns of an unexpected change to his wife’s….

Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment is out with THE FINAL SCORE by Will Hettinger. Two FBI agents are pitted against a crew of bank robbers – and each other – as they grapple with order and chaos in….

The Arlook Group is out with EXODUS by Cooper McMains. On a visionary journey into the farthest reaches of space, two star-crossed lovers fall in love aboard the most magnificent ship ever built, only to find themselves in….

AAO Entertainment is out with INFLUENCED by Alix Lerner. When a well-known Mom Influencer accidentally leaves her baby in a hot car, her entire career is ruined. But, when she starts to suspect that….

Verve, Romark Entertainment, and Good Fear Content are out with MISTAKEN by John Wikstrom. A case of mistaken identity leads a former special forces agent to believe his estranged daughter has been kidnapped in Europe, when in fact, she hasn’t. She’s with her boyfriend, on a romantic vacation that’s about to….

UTA and Good Fear Content are out with BAD HEART by Min-Woo Park. When an unassuming burnout wakes up from transplant surgery with the genetically enhanced heart of an elite assassin, she must use….

Bellevue Productions is out with CLOCKWORK by Thomas Sonntag & John Sonntag. While renovating an old mansion which is infamous for several deaths, Juliet finds an antique locket that hurtles her back in time to the night of the first murder. She quickly discovers that if….

UTA is out with THE PLAGUE by Charlie Polinger. A socially anxious twelve-year-old navigates the savage social order at an all-boys water polo summer camp. Over the course of the summer, his unbearable tween anxiety teeters into….

Empirical Evidence is out with MIXTECO KID by Miguel Orozco. After earning a soccer scholarship to a prestigious prep school, a willful Mixteco teen must learn how to embrace his indigenous roots while pushing against the forces of….

Jackson Agency is out with FLOW by Tracy Grant. To protect his daughter, a former rapper-turned-postal worker manages her emerging rap career, igniting his struggle with….

Arnay Talent Agency is out with MR. KNIGHT’S KIDS by Gabriell De Bear Paye. A rebellious science teacher gets students to do science projects with important implications….

Arnay Talent Agency is out with RAMP RATS by Kim Delgado. Miami Air ramp-service personnel engage in the systematic looting of airport luggage and merchandise, which leads to….

CAA is out with GODS UNKNOWN by Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari. A rising political-religious movement is taking over Central Africa, led by a warlord with alleged supernatural abilities….

Wolfrom Productions is out with AFTER YOU by Sean Wathen. Skylar Williams, a widow, becomes enthralled with a new technology that creates a lifelike hologram of her recently deceased husband and soon chooses him over….

The Film Co-Operative is out with DRUMDROP AND THE DUMMY BEARS by Jordan C. Arrant. A mid-thirties failed “rock star” gets much-needed and unexpected help from five irreverent cartoon-animated gummy bears that….

Mania Entertainment is out with TERMINALLY by Jordan C. Arrant. A group of wacky airport employees navigates their way through work and life in the non-stop daily madness of….

Independent Artists Media is out with TETHERED by Tory Stanton. A former 100-meter dash phenom, desperate to turn his life around, reluctantly agrees to work as a….

Rain Management Group is out with MR & MRS CLARK by Jennifer Goldson. Famous fashion designing couple from the 1960’s, Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell, have an entangled relationship with….

The Muraviov Company is out with LONELY TEARDROPS by Marc Prey. Jackie Wilson rises out of post-war poverty in Detroit to become a hugely-successful R&B and pop singer in the 1950s and 1960s….

UTA is out with TEXTBOOK BEHAVIOR by Tess Morris. Centers on debunking the myth that there is a certain set of rules, a tried and tested path, to getting over someone….

AGI Entertainment Media & Management is out with PRO-TEM by Carol Ray Hartsell. A small Alabama town is about to elect its first-ever female mayor, with a choice between 60-something Loretta Burns, whose family has held the office for a hundred years, and….