TV Spec Tracker

Tobias Literary is out with POSTCARD JOURNEYS by E.C. Jones. Every week, Mr. Gable, a celestial postman, delivers postcards to people in need of a life-changing journey, taking them on magical and transformative vacations to help….

Amazon Prime picked up STAKEHORSE by Justin Piasecki. A veterinarian makes a living keeping horses healthy, but makes “side” money doing medical work for underworld figures by….

Between March 1st and March 31st, 2023, we tracked a total of 15 feature & TV specs hitting the market, highlighting a 12% decrease in specs hitting the market compared to February 2023.

Logical Talent Management is out with A GOOD INFLUENCE by Cara Rothenberg. Desperate to rehabilitate her image after an unflattering video goes viral, self-absorbed reality TV star Carsyn Gates joins a youth mentorship program and is matched with….

Gotham Group is out with BLIGHT by Gabriel DiMilo. In the near future, humankind struggles with a plant pandemic that has made the air unsafe to breathe. In these trying times, unlikely heroes must combat….

Jackson Agency is out with SERIAL ARTIST by Deondra Edwards. Two artistically gifted foster brothers have been released into society and aspire to become the greatest serial killer duo of all time. They must balance their career in….

Jackson Agency is out with FLOW by Tracy Grant. To protect his daughter, a former rapper-turned-postal worker manages her emerging rap career, igniting his struggle with….

Arnay Talent Agency is out with MR. KNIGHT’S KIDS by Gabriell De Bear Paye. A rebellious science teacher gets students to do science projects with important implications….

The Film Co-Operative is out with DRUMDROP AND THE DUMMY BEARS by Jordan C. Arrant. A mid-thirties failed “rock star” gets much-needed and unexpected help from five irreverent cartoon-animated gummy bears that….

Mania Entertainment is out with TERMINALLY by Jordan C. Arrant. A group of wacky airport employees navigates their way through work and life in the non-stop daily madness of….

AGI Entertainment Media & Management is out with PRO-TEM by Carol Ray Hartsell. A small Alabama town is about to elect its first-ever female mayor, with a choice between 60-something Loretta Burns, whose family has held the office for a hundred years, and….

Rain is out with IBARRA by Jorge Ramirez-Martinez. After the deaths of her father and twin brother, a trans woman is pressured into de-transitioning by her sister so she can assume the identity of her….

Tobias Literary Management is out with PITTSBURGH 10 by Alexis Pivnicny. A newly widowed former stripper goes into business with a manipulative madam in the hopes of keeping her struggling strip club afloat while….

Tobias Literary Management is out with ANGELS OF WAR by Natalie Bergman & Victoria Rau. When Japan launches their attacks on the South Pacific, a group of American and local nurses stationed in the Philippines must battle the horrors of combat & capture and….

Logical Talent Management is out with FIRST TIME, LONG TIME by Cara Rothenberg. When Iris McCloud’s beloved radio show is abruptly canceled, she moves in with her socially graceless friend Denise, who hires Iris to work at her….

Ensemble Entertainment is out with BOUND BY GRACE by Dawn Burgess. After joining a youth group, a high school neo-Nazi confronts his violent past and racist prejudices at the risk of losing….

Tobias Literary Management is out with M by Kristofer Seppälä. The infamous Moriarty comes out of the shadows in the midst of World War I to use his criminal empire to help….

Tobias Literary Management is out with JOBBER by Gerald Hanks. A pro wrestler must re-learn the ropes as he goes from the top of his hometown company to the bottom of….

The Film Co-Operative is out with ADVENTURES IN ADVERTISING by Jordan Arrant. A not-so-stellar human team of advertising professionals, led by their unrealistically confident boss, rocket through the galaxy seeking work from alien….

Jackson Agency is out with PARAMORE NO MORE by Rena Carter. A twisted assortment of personalities clash interpersonally at Paramore No More, the US arm of a secret Chinese-based company that gets revenge for….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with FORGERS by Brenden Gallagher. After the patriarch of a civil war souvenir shop dies, his children take over only to discover that the family business was not entirely….

Basilisk Entertainment is out with NEOGENESIS by Vaughn Roste. In the year 2507, the first interstellar ship arrives at its destination – but its peace-loving colonists discover that the planet is….

Tobias Literary Management is out with ORIGIN by Niya Johnson. Enslaved Africans on a New Orleans plantation become the first….

Logical Talent Management is out with AMALGAM ONE by Erin Macdonald. While attempting to free his son, a high-ranking staff member accidentally wakes up five people who discover they’re….

369 Entertainment is out with THAT SEXY COMEDY by Shelly Gitlow. Three generations of women live together in Miami – where too much is….

Tobias Literary Management is out with THE KNOWLEDGE MEN by E.C. Jones. A 1940’s era Archeologist recruits a gifted, black linguist into a secret society whose mission is to solve the world’s problems, only to be challenged by….

APA is out with VALLEY OF SAINTS by Cody Gifford and John C. Richards. True story of Hollywood mobster Johnny Rosselli & enigmatic socialite Judith Campbell—mistress to Roselli, mob boss Sam Giancana and President John F. Kennedy—and the political firestorm….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with SEX, VLOGS, AND KIDNAPPINGS by Kyla Sylvers. Four friends discover new ways to explore intimacy in order to have great sex with their partners, but they soon find….

Basilisk Entertainment is out with YOUNG ONE’S by Budd Jackson. When troublemaking orphan Mahogany (17) is sent to a family-run group home in rural Michigan, she must rebuild her life….