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outlander excerpt Droughtlander is finally over! The season picks up four months after Claire and Jamie wash up on the shores of America. The New World poses new problems for the couple since they find themselves far away from their Scottish home, yet still under the thumb of British rule. America is a beautiful, yet troubled place (it still is for that matter) and does not shy away from confronting America’s troubled history within the narrative of the premiere.

Jessica jones excerptSeason 2, Episodes 1-13 – The second season of Jessica Jones is perfectly adequate. The story is fine. The character development is fine. It’s aesthetically gorgeous. But it lacks the depth and relevance of the first season in a few crucial ways that leave this feeling pretty basic rather than transformative.

Season 2, Episodes 1-10 – Created by Jason Katims and inspired by the book Drama High by Michael Sokolove, Rise is about an English teacher who feels unfilled with his current position and decides to lead the drama program.

sneaky pete excerptSeason 1, Episodes 1-10 – Giovanni Ribisi is back as Marius Josipovic, the con artist with a heart of gold. Still masquerading as his old cell mate Pete Murphy, Marius suddenly finds himself on the hook to Serbian gangsters for 11 million dollars, and he needs all his old friends to keep himself and his new family alive.