CBS Developing “Honeymooners” Reboot with “Muppets” Alum


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Muppets writer has signed on to write the for the latest reboot, THE HONEYMOONERS, at CBS. The original series debuted in 1955 and was based on a recurring sketch from Cavalcade of Stars.

The half-hour sitcom centered on creator and Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden, his wife Alice, and their friends Ed and Trixie. The show was set in a rundown apartment building in BedStuy, New York, where the two couples live and is considered one of the first series to portray working-class couples. While it initially found success, becoming the No. 2 show in its first season, it was scheduled opposite The Perry Como Show and soon dropped to No. 19, causing the series to be canceled after only 39 episodes. It would sporadically return until 1978.

In the reboot, the story still focuses on the two central couples who are friends and neighbors, but this time the dynamic changes as one couple remarries after divorcing four years later.

In addition to writing, Kushell will executive produce alongside Carl Beverly, Sarah Timberman, Eric and Kim Tannenbaum, and Jeff Greenstein.

Kushell is a television veteran whose television credits include 3rd Rock from the Sun, The SimpsonsSamantha Who, and most recently developed ABC’s Muppets reboot.

He is repped by Management.

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