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In this week’s , Chance and Dee start tailing Blackstone, in hopes of uncovering whatever wrongdoings Jaclyn was hinting at when she told Chance that he was dirty. It starts off slowly, with Chance driving Dee as they stakeout the police station and follow him home. Chance is driving because Dee claims to not have a license, but it also could be because Dee wants Chance’s company. He needs someone to bore with his convoluted riddles and musings on power and control.

The number one rule of tailing someone is don’t get burned, so when they lose sight of Blackstone, they return to Dee’s woodworking shop. Chance reconsiders this whole operation—after all, as he says, he’s a doctor, not a Raymond Chandler character. You’re right! Stop this nonsense. But Chance can’t. He’s obsessed with Jaclyn, as evidenced by the fact that he calls her just say that he’s thinking about her. He says it’s “Elden” calling, not “Dr. Chance”. Chance! What are you doing? Blackstone could be listening to her voicemails and he warned you to stay away!


Someone is definitely interested in Dee and Chance’s operation. They’re being followed by a man who looks like a cop. Dee notices him while they’re spying on Blackstone from a bar. Blackstone meets with two people—a gangster looking guy and a beautiful blonde—and gives them the dog he was holding. Very suspicious. Dee tracks down his car, then tricks him into coming down to the parking garage, where he threatens him, beats him up, and warns him not to come after him again. His name is Taylor and he’s a private investigator. If Dee’s being followed by a PI, there’s something shady going on with him. We really don’t know that much about him. Chance trusts him completely, but should he?

They follow Blackstone again at night, where he returns to a massage parlor/brothel they saw him at earlier. Turns out he was simply doing his cop duty by preparing for a bust, as they see him and other officers escort out and arrest the workers. Chance is furious and once again reconsiders working with Dee. Dee suggests they follow Blackstone on his day off. Chance gets a call from Suzanne, Jaclyn’s therapist. Jaclyn stole $2000 from the place Suzanne arranged for her to stay at, so she needs to leave. Jaclyn claims she doesn’t remember what she was doing when the money was stolen. We never solve this issue of where Jaclyn is going to live, so I have no idea. I’m sure the missing money will come back into play later in the season.


Throughout this episode, Chance was preparing to help a lawyer with a case. Her client, a prominent doctor, is accused of a lot of things—shoplifting, trading oxy prescriptions for oral sex, not noticing that his wife has drowned (unclear how that is a crime, but maybe he drowned her? The specific thing he’s on trial for is never actually mentioned). Chance determines that he has a form of dementia that makes it impossible for him to choose between right and wrong. He may intellectually know the difference, but he can’t stop himself from doing the wrong thing.

He testifies to this at his trial, but this angers the doctor, who’s found guilty and asks to speak with Chance in jail. He visits him. The doctor doesn’t really seem to want anything except to ask who determines what is right or wrong? The answer is other people and the doctor seems to be saying that one should just do whatever they think is right for themselves. It’s the sort of scene that this show is very fond of—it doesn’t contribute anything to the plot, it just highlights the themes of the show (morality is fluid, people are governed by self-interest, etc.) through over-written dialogue and tense stares.


When Chance and Dee follow Blackstone on his day off, they find that he’s out shopping with Jaclyn, looking like the picture of a loving couple. Chance, unable to help himself, leaves the car to spy on them from the store. Dee grabs him and forces him out of there, but Jaclyn definitely noticed him. It remains to be seen whether or not Blackstone did. Chance follows Jaclyn that night, confronting her. She drops a bombshell. The reason she still hangs out with Blackstone is because he’s threatened her daughter. A daughter she gave up for adoption at 17, but Blackstone found and is now using as leverage.

I still don’t trust Jaclyn, but Dee unearths some even more damning evidence against Blackstone. He finds out that Blackstone took some of the girls from the massage parlor bust, along with the blonde in the park, and he’s running his own sex trafficking ring. It’s crazy if it’s true, but things are never what they seem on this show. There’s also some boring subplots about Chance not being able to sell his old house because Christine’s boyfriend damaged the structure with his home gym and his assistant leaving him because he’s acting shady, but they’re barely worth mentioning. All in all, it was one of the better episodes of the show, but please, for the love of God, can they cut down on Dee’s overwrought monologues?


Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
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