Charlie Hunnam Pulls The Old ‘I’ve Got Prior Engagements’ Excuse To Leave “Fifty Shades Of Grey”


By: James Sivlerwolfe

has either finally seen the light or failed to drink the kool-aid because just lost its male lead. The claimed cause of separation is conflicts, specifically with “Sons of Anarchy.” I’m not sure if I buy that or not, but who cares if this makes the chances of a “Pacific Rim 2” much more likely. Choosing between being a badass mech pilot and a billionaire S&M addict is not really a “Sophie’s Choice” in my book but I can understand signing up for something this high profile. Elevation and money are powerful drugs and it’s hard to avoid their pull. But through either people telling him “don’t do it man” or some soul shattering epiphany Humman has decided to pass. For now. Please don’t let this be a stunt to get more money or something. Besides the people have already moved on.

I’ve already read that Channing Tatum fan(atic)s are already preparing to throw him into the mix, whether he wants it or not. No doubt other people are being sacrificed to the “Fifty Shades” gods that demand only the youngest and the handsomest. Just about the only name being thrown around that fills me with joy is Peter Dinklage. I would pay good money to see him chew up some scenery in an all out sultry, campy version of this movie. Preferably as his character from “Game of Thrones” but mustachioed and dressed in a fine smoking jacket, because that’s classy. It might even be enough to make me forget this stems from a truly awful book series that’s not nearly as trashy and edgy as it thinks.

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