“Chronicles Of Narnia: The Silver Chair” Will Be Start Of “A Brand New Franchise”



Producer Mark Gordon confirmed today at the TCA winter press tour that THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE SILVER CHAIR is in active and that they hope to move into soon.  penned the script, which he announced via his personal twitter has been completed.

Gordon also surprised with news that The Silver Chair will not be a continuation of the current series but rather the start of a new franchise. Per Gordon, the latest film adaptation of C.S. Lewis’s beloved book series will have an “entire new team” for the “brand new franchise.”

The original franchise underperformed, with none of the three films (The Lion, The Witch, And The WardrobePrince Caspian, and The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader) gaining the same traction as other youth-oriented book series adaptations like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. When The and The C.S. Lewis Company took over the rights from The Walden Group in 2013, they announced plans for a Silver Chair adaptation but provided few details. Now it seems they’ve chosen to start from scratch.

The Silver Chair picks up decades after The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in Narnia but less than a year later in England. King Caspian X, now an old man, enlists Aslan the lion to help find his missing son. Aslan sends two children from an English boarding school, Eustace Scrubb (seen in Dawn Treader) and Jill Pole, to track down the prince and solve the mystery.


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