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gave me a lot of life on Sunday night.  Desna was finally exposed as Roller’s murderer, and she didn’t get killed.  Shocker!  The universe has Desna in its hands.  It works on her behalf always, so her not getting killed really is no shocker.  That wasn’t sarcasm, guys.

So, what is it this time?  What technically saves Desna from getting her head blown off?  Riva, THE Russian crime boss, wants her to broker the deal between her and Uncle Daddy.  See, Roller has really flucked up.  He owes the Russians a lot of money, and Riva is not in the business of forgiving debt.  So, her first attempt is to kill him.  That fails.  So, Desna is the back-up.  Riva got a little info from the nail queen, and she wants to see whether her nail swag skills can translate into the underworld.  Lo and behold, they do.

Riva gets what she wants – 100% of Uncle Daddy’s businesses.  And Uncle Daddy gets what he wants – the lives of Roller and his granddaughter, Brienne.


Let us chat about the latter, shall we?

Before the deal, Riva kidnaps one of Jennifer’s kids.  Jenn has a White child and a Black child.  The kidnappers choose the Black one, Brienne.  Skurt!  So, Shonda Rhimes isn’t the only one out here making people go to war over a Black girl?  Kudos, “Claws”.

Turns out Brienne told her mom that she wanted to go back with Riva because she has a Black American Girl doll.  Polly appropriately asks, “Aren’t those like over $100?”  Ha!  Yes, !

Jennifer not only has a daughter with Stockholm syndrome, but she has a husband who hates her guts.  She admits that she is having an affair with the square dancer.  Sounds like a downgrade, but it’s not.  This man’s chiseled arms and chest were all Jen needed.  She invited herself into them, and he didn’t decline.  This part is beautifully complicated because yes, she felt abandoned by her husband’s secrets and newfound boss status, but it’s her husband.  Her husband is a jellyfish – no backbone and scary as hell.  She could have used her wife trickery to get him back on track.  But instead of being patient and looking for other ways to reach him, she decides to get her freak on.  Maybe she thought getting a little outside sexual healing wouldn’t hurt her marriage that much, but it does.  In addition, her two kids were in danger, and her mother-in-law was murdered.  So, yea, that’s that.


Despite Jenn’s turmoil, she pushes through.  She even decides to be selfless for Desna.  Uncle Daddy’s deal with Riva includes Desna returning to her old salon to wash money.  Here we go again.  Just as the girls are getting comfortable in the new salon, they all now have to go back to the block to work off yet another debt.  But this is all their choice.  Desna offers the salon to Jenn and wishes her all the best with the new salon, but like a real B, Jenn doesn’t accept that and declares that wherever Desna goes, she goes.  And the rest of the girls concur.

What’s interesting is that I don’t think any of them have a choice.  They all owe her.  I don’t think Desna knows the depth of each woman’s tie to her.  She definitely doesn’t know that Quiet Ann gave up the love of her life for her.  She doesn’t know that Virginia is pregnant with Dean’s baby.  Polly and Jenn are less of a mystery, but their emotional well-beings are on the brink of collapse.  However, Desna is worth it.  But I hope that they will eventually get on a road to letting go of all the BS.  It can be too much (for them), but oh so entertaining to watch (for me).


I think “Claws” is one of the most brilliant shows to date.  It gives us a multicultural cast living in the countrified Floridian south.  Their misfit nature has nothing to do with race or sexuality.  They’re intertwined because of how much brokenness they have in common.  They talk about ridiculous things because they’re involved in a clownish-type drug ring.  Uncle Daddy runs a trans strip club.  Desna washes money for his dealings through her pen-long nail shop.  Polly is a proud scammer.  And Black children are bigger bargaining chips.  If this doesn’t scream brilliance, consult Urban Dictionary.
TB-TV-Grade-A+Season 1, Episode 10 (S01E10)
Claws airs Sunday at 9PM on TNT

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