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I am new to .  I watched this episode before watching the first two, so bear with me while I try to put some puzzle pieces together.

Desna is played by the wonderful Niecy Nash.  Who doesn’t love this woman?  And why is she in everything that is so darn good?  “Getting On” and “Reno 911” come to mind.  And now this.  I had no idea that TNT had original programming, so getting the memo that a reviewer was needed for this show with Niecy Nash had me too geeked.  Let me get on with it…

Desna is the responsible one.  She is in the middle of some ish with Virginia, the cops and Uncle Daddy.

Pause.  Uncle Daddy is somebody’s title.  Now, I don’t know if Bryce, who continues to call him Uncle Daddy as if that’s his Uncle slash Daddy, is the product of incest, but I’ll just guess yes?  I have so many questions.  When did Bryce find out his mother had sex with her brother?  Did he come to grips with it by watching “Game of Thrones”?  I mean, Cersei and Jamie are the only acceptable brother-sister sex partners, so maybe he drew some strength from that?  And how is no one else batting an eye about this?  Ah! Maybe they did in the first episode, and now, they’re like whatevs.  I still need my moment to digest, so I might return to this later.


AnyTwho – Desna is trying to keep little ol’ Virginia out of trouble.  She is played by Karrueche Tran, who is killin’ it!  I have never seen her act, but if this is her first gig, I salute her.  She is doing a phenomenal playing a former prostitute slash habitual liar slash “I’ll go down on someone so they won’t rat on me to the cops” type of girl (and I swear, this is no shade).  She really has that character down!

Now, while Desna is trying to keep her out of trouble, Virginia continues to add more and more ridiculous details to how she was kidnapped.  At the beginning of this episode, she is in the hospital surrounded by her so-called friends giving them an Alice in Wonderland play-by-play of what happened to her. One of those things, apparently, were pigs licking peanut butter off her feet.  She also claims that the kidnappers placed a burlap bag on her head and she could sorta see what was going on but not really.  Everyone, except Desna, is enraptured.  Because of her quote-on-quote ordeal, she’s nicknamed every variation of “honey” you can think of – “lil’ honey”, “honey darlin'”, “honey cakes.”  Clearly, she is working the hell out of the damsel in distress card.

Oh! And someone let it slip that Virginia used to get it in with her man. Now, I’m not sure if they’re talking about Roller, but if they are, he ended up in the ground where he belongs.  Cheating is a no-no.  But for Desna her late Roller is still the one that gets her going.  At the end of this episode she imagines giving him a little red light special.  Girl, you gotta do what you gotta do on those lonely nights.  So, what happened to Roller?  Who killed him?  From what I gather, he may have also been a son-nephew of Uncle Daddy.  Everyone is still mourning his death, but it’s still a mystery as to what happened to him.

v and desna

All of the sidekicks on this show are incredible.  Quiet Ann aka closeted freak and Polly are a hoot.  Desna’s country best friend and her ridiculously smart relative bring balance.  I am just so in love with this show so far. It is a fun, comedic drama.  I am here for all of it.


Season 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
Claws airs Sunday at 9PM on TNT

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