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gives us racism at its finest.  Every race takes jabs at every other race, and it’s glorious.  It is in jest, of course, but if I’m being frank, this kinda thing happens in real life.

As a Black woman, there has always been an unspoken thing between Blacks and Koreans.  Maybe it stems from the L.A. riots?  Or it stems from the fact that many businesses in Black neighborhoods are owned by Koreans?  A bit of both?  Either way, there’s some tension there.

In “Claws”, the tension is centered on the nail industry.  Desna, a Black woman, is the bomb-diggety at her profession.  But Koreans, predominately, are the bad bitches of this industry.  Desna finally owns a gorgeous salon in an upscale neighborhood, previously owned by a Korean woman.  The former owner is an unashamed racist, and so are all of her technicians, which she expects to still be employed by Desna despite common sense.  Where you get that kind of audacity from, Bih?

Desna refuses to keep those technicians.  In response, the former owner clogs up the toilet drains with tampons.  What a bitch.  It causes pipe damage upwards of 10k.  Where will Desna get that kind of money?  She was finally able to pay Uncle Daddy back, and now she is back in the hole.  She asks, “When will I catch a break?”

The break comes in the form of a fine Haitian gynecologist.  He hollers at Desna at a fast food spot looking scrumptious.  She goes on two dates with him, but the way her life is set up – she has to leave to tend to emergencies.


One of them was because Dr. Ken was too scary to investigate an unmarked cop car outside the clinic.  Turns out Quiet Ann was getting her kitty served.  The other involved Virginia.  She is so dismayed that she can’t compete in NailPalm that she decides to return to a type of hoe-ing.  She was under the impression that she would just be dancing in front of a computer for guys who can’t get that kind of thing for free.  Turns out she was expected to have sex on camera.  Desna and Quiet Ann had to rescue her from a man’s home who wouldn’t let her go unless she did.  Quiet Ann knocked that man upside his head with a bat.  I second that ass beating.

Desna’s life is crazy, and that is what she reflects for the last challenge of NailPalm.  The nails are colorful and chaotic but based in love.  She wins the competition, which forces the former owner to kick rocks.  Good riddance!

Enter the Haitian doctor.  He surprises her by showing up to NailPalm with flowers.  That’s what I’m talking about!  Desna needs a man who will understand all of the baggage that she has because guess what?  We all do.  I am excited to see where this relationship goes.

While Desna seems to be on top right now, she will have to face the fact that she and Virginia are responsible for Roller’s “death”.

At the moment, Roller is being kept by Kathy Bates’ understudy, but it’s only a matter of time when he’s found.  He convinces his #CrazyBae to go to her art show, and for one hot second, he was able to call Uncle Daddy from her cell phone.  However, she returns immediately, and he has to hang up.  I wonder what Roller will do with that crazy woman once he is free.  Being a sex slave and being subjected to art made of pubic hair has to be working his nerves.  He like he’s in love with her, but I am tired for him.  What is her deal, anyway?  I mean, besides being crazy.

Jen, Desna’s best friend, is a true ride-or-die.  She and Desna get in a tiff, but like a real friend, she still supports her at NailPalm.  However, she discovers that Desna may be responsible for her husband ultimately killing the Coombs’.  Dean reveals that the Coombs’ were evil people to him and Desna when they were foster kids.  Jen’s wheels spin, and she realizes that her best friend of 100 years may be keeping a secret from her.  And that secret is responsible for her soft husband now being a part of the Dixie Mafia.

A lot is brewing for and against Desna.  Not looking forward to the ugly picture it paints when it all surfaces.

TB-TV-Grade-ASeason 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
Claws airs Sunday at 9PM on TNT

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