Colin Firth and Gavin Hood Are Your “Eye(s) in the Sky”


by: Sammy Mink

and join contemporary thriller . Firth has signed on to star while Hood will helm the project. The story centers on a British intelligence officer in charge of a secret drone mission to capture a group of terrorists in Nairobi. When she realizes that the real intent is to kill the targets, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians, she and the American drone pilot must choose between completing the mission at hand or saving innocent lives. There’s no word yet Firth’s role in the film.

Firth is arguably best known for his rom-com roles in movies like “Bridget Jones Diary” but, recently, he’s made more of a push toward thrillers and dramas with “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and “The King’s Speech.” He recently wrapped two thrillers, “The Secret Service” and “Before I Go to Sleep” and will join Nicole Kidman and Jude Law in the upcoming biopic “Genius,” where he’ll play book editor Max Perkins.

Hood is the director behind “X-Men: Wolverine” and last year’s “Ender’s Game.” He’s currently working on an untitled Alaska adventure project that’s being produced by Gran Via.

Firth is repped by , Hood is repped by , and .



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