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Tweetable Takeaway: Power balances shift as we see the face of the Red Hat collaborator on @ColonyUSA.

Well this series is definitely blurring the lines of who to root for. Obviously the “Visitors” aka alien invaders are the big baddies, but they have yet to be revealed on the show. Indeed, the characters who are in their employ haven’t even seen them. So we’re left watching our fellow humans running around, scrambling to get the upperhand. And that upperhand switches quite a bit this episode. It seems like it’s every man for himself.

The episode begins from the POV of a Red Hat’s helmet cam, riding around (one of them singing the old “COPS” theme song–you know “Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do?” He thinks they should make a TV show following him and his fellow Red Hats kicking ass… A-hem, anyway…) They bust into a school where they rush into the class of an English teacher who is talking to her class about Farenheit 451. They brutally attack a student who sticks up for her, and then the teacher herself. When their long day of censoring innocent people is over, they take their uniforms off, including their helmet. Here we get a look at the face of the Red Hat collaborator–Katie’s friend Broussard, a key figure in the Resistance!


And that’s just Twist #1.

In an effort to get called in by the Authority so she can positively ID her husband Will’s boss, Katie intentionally sets her home on fire, then reports it as somebody who broke in and firebombed her house. This does land her a seat in front of Will’s boss Phyllis. After Katie explains what happened, and that she didn’t get a good look at whoever did it, Phyllis explains to her that she and her family have nothing further to worry about–in a not so understated way she basically tells her all her neighbors will be made aware that if anything happens to one of the Bowman’s, EVERYONE will pay a price. Katie looks a bit unsure about if she had made the right move.

When Will meets with Phyllis, she tells him he has bigger problems. We think it’s going to be that she figured out Katie is working for the resistance. But, alas, no–it’s Will’s son Bram. After the “attack” the house was searched and it turns out Bram has a pretty good stash of cassette recordings of Geronimo’s radio broadcast. Yeah, not the kind of recordings I had hidden in MY room as a teenage boy, but hey to each their own. This could mean death for poor Bram but Phyllis shows mercy and agrees to not report the tapes as long as Will does a search of his house and makes sure he’s not missing anything ELSE hint hint.

Confronting his son about the tapes, Will learns that Bram deciphers exactly when to record the airings of Geronimo by looking on the back of posters that pop up around the city. He figured this out himself, not knowing he just turned his father on to exactly how to catch the elusive Resistance leader. Knowing when he’ll broadcast next, Will is ready to triangulate Geronimo’s position and speed there. Indeed he does apprehend a man claiming to be Geronimo, but then expresses to Phyllis and Snyder he does not believe the man they caught to actually be the mastermind they are looking for.

Back at the Resistance hideout, Katie is forced to point out a picture of Phyllis leaving the Green Zone, but only after she makes Quayle promise that her husband will not be hurt. He agrees and Katie basically signs a death warrant for Phyllis.


Which is kind of awkward when Phyllis shows up at Katie’s bar, The Yonk, to have a drink and lament about her late husband Ed, a military man, and how she had taken a few jobs in her day behind Ed’s back. What is she hinting at? Of course it’s that she knows Katie is part of the resistance and that Will does not know this. She pulls out photos of Katie from last week’s botched operation in which young Justin Kim got killed. She tells Katie she has no choice: she works for her now.

But of course when Phyllis gets home late one night, she enters her home, starts speaking on the phone to a mystery caller about how she has a new “asset” that will be a great help, and then two back to back reveals: one, that her husband Ed is still alive but in a coma. And two, that Broussard is waiting for her. Just before he puts several bullets into her, Phyllis requests he kill her husband, too. Whether he does or not, we don’t see. But if I had to guess, I’d say no. Broussard doesn’t strike me as a guy who grants peoples’ wishes.

Things are definitely heating up in the Colony and you can feel a momentum building towards something. I imagine that something is Will finding out about Katie being in the Resistance and him having to make a choice about what to do with her–does he turn her in, to get his young son back? But at the rate things are going, this might come sooner than expected. Overall this episode felt big, with a couple of twists and some intriguing questions posed.


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  1. Thanks for turning me onto this show! (After reading the first paragraph of your review I watched all four episodes.) But I’m pretty sure I heard extra gunshots at the very end (the external shot of Phyllis’s house) indicating that Broussard DID kill her comatose husband Ed. Anybody else agree (or disagree)?

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