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Airtime: Thursdays at 10PM on USA
Episode: Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)


Tweetable Takeaway: Katie is on a mission to protect and exploit Will on this week’s #Colony

For a show about an extraterrestrial force occupying one of the world’s largest cities, there sure are suspiciously few aliens on this show.

To be clear, it’s not the aliens themselves I’m missing. I actually think is smart to show restraint with revealing the foreign lifeforms–on a TV budget it is just sure to disappoint. There is no way these things will not look cheesy. TNT’s “Falling Skies” comes to mind. Though they did the best with what they had, and it was often passable, if you couldn’t get beyond the special effects, you couldn’t get into the rest of the show. I have to assume we’re operating under the same set of rules here.

If the show is being billed as a science fiction show, then at least throw SOME science fiction in there. Otherwise we’re just watching a straight human drama and the leap of having ALIENS is just… superfluous. Why not just have a foreign power occupying a modern American city? Or pick a city that’s been occupied in history–plenty to choose from–and do a period piece. Why ALIENS if you’re not going to use them?

Okay, end of rant. But it does go hand in hand with a gripe I have with this week’s episode–it was a lot of just human’s talking to one another, often about things we already know. I would have killed for some alien drone to chase down someone and shoot them with lasers just to keep me intrigued. Early in the episode we get a scene with Quayle and Broussard rehashing exactly where their heads were at at the end of last week–Katie may be a double agent.

To be fair, Katie’s having to protect her husband Will while at the same time exploit him is a solid story that I’m invested in. In a way it makes her so much more the heart of this show than Josh Halloway’s Will. I want to see her successfully navigate her way through this and get her son back. But Quayle basically tells Broussard he wants him to kill her. Broussard’s not so certain Katie has done anything wrong. So he sets out to determine if he really needs to kill this woman.

Colony - Season 1

Meanwhile, Will and Carl Weathers (I refuse to see him as anything but Carl Weathers playing himself) set out to find the traitor Red Hat they ran into at The Yonk last week. This is in actuality Broussard but they have him as “Dwight Ford.” With the help from Proxy Snyder, they get access to a special machine that allows them to search through all the private data of everyone living in the Los Angeles up to the day of the arrival. We also comically learn that Jennifer once worked for a large dating website similar to–which is how she scored her current gig. They track down the location of his home, and go to infiltrate, but Broussard is a step ahead of them. When they bust his door down, they are met with a huge explosion.

Katie is also looking for Broussard. She’s unable to contact him directly and so we see an intricate communication they’ve set up using a novel “Nostromo” and selecting letters from it to form sentences. This is the same book we saw Will find last week at The Yonk in a drawer of items appearing special to Katie. Do you know where this is going?

Sidenote: We interrupt this interesting story to take you to a boring story with underdeveloped characters that has no pertinence to anything else we’ve seen. Yes, it’s another C storyline of Katie’s sister Maddie living the good life in the Green Zone. What are these scenes doing in this show? Why are we getting scenes of art galleries and weird, tense, sexual relationships? Turns out that Maddie is only allowed to sleep with Nolan because her boss Charlotte likes to watch. And when Nolan tries to sleep with her alone and she refuses, Charlotte takes it out on her, demoting her. She confronts Nolan about this but he swears he didn’t say anything. The one big question remains though: WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?

Back to the good stuff. Broussard decides he trusts Katie and not to kill her. But almost in the next moment Katie has betrayed Broussard, though she did the best she could. Will asks her straight up if she recognized him. Caught, she had to admit she’d seen him in The Yonk a few times. She gives Will some seemingly trivial information, but with Jennifer’s powerful data searching tool they are able to ascertain Broussard’s true identity. They rush to his house, but unbeknownst to them, Katie has already warned him they were coming for him.

Colony - Season 1

And then we get the moment the episode ends on, completely ripped from Breaking Bad: Will finds the book ‘Nostromo’ amongst Broussard’s things and realizes his own WIFE is working with the resistance! He looks up aaaand: episode over. Sound familiar, Walter White fans? A certain epiphany of a certain DEA agent on a certain toilet?

Anyway, stuff is about to go down in the world of Colony. If they can sprinkle in some actual sci-fi for me in the final three episodes AND keep up this level of storytelling, I’ll be happy.



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  1. No need to put down those scenes in the Green Zone with Maddie, Kathryn Morris and Adrian Pasdar. They offer a glimpse into the occupation’s high society. Plus, Maddie didn’t even appear in the last two episodes, so she’s not taking anything away from other characters. The show is too focussed on Will and Katie anway, so any excursion is welcome.

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