Columbia Nabs Fantasy YA “The Lost Property Office”


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James R. Hannibal’s THE LOST PROPERTY OFFICE is headed for the big screen as has acquired the film rights to the YA novel. The property is the first in a series published earlier this year.

The story is described as Harry Potter meets Dr. Who as it follows 13-year-old Jack Buckles, who has the uncanny ability to locate missing things. He puts his skill to the test as he searches for his father who disappeared one day in London without a trace. It turns out that Jack’s father was not who he claimed to be but a member of a secret society of detectives that has served the crown for centuries and membership into the Lost Property Office is Jack’s inheritance. Now the only way will ever see his father again is if he finds what the nefarious Clockmaker is after: the Ember, which holds a secret that has been kept since the Great Fire of London.

Matthew Stein is set to produce with Sony’s Palak Patel and Aimee Rivera overseeing for the studio.

Paradigm handled the deal for Pippin Properties’ Sara Crowe.

Hannibal is a former stealth pilot turned author who previously penned the Nick Baron covert ops series, starting with Shadow Catcher.


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