Combatants Cast and Curious Crossovers For “Luke Cage”


News from the NETFLIX/Marvel camp is that Sons of Anarchy’s is set to play another of Luke Cage’s enemies in the series. There are rumors floating around that Rossi will be playing the character known as Shades, a street thug who battles Cage in his youth only to come back as a foe with another of Cages past antagonists, Commanche, and make his heroic-life hectic.

In the 70s, there was a point where Shades had a visor that shot concussive lasers (ala Cyclops from the X-Men). There are a few other options that could be possible for Rossi’s character as well: he could be playing Commanche or he could be playing Shades’ son, Victor Alvarez, who becomes the second Power Man (after Luke Cage) in the comics and eventually becomes a student of both Cage and Iron Fist.

3906752-76_1rosario_dawson_3Another bit of news is that is set to return to Hell’s Kitchen and its surrounding heroic hoods in both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. This is an interesting wrinkle as Dawson’s character, Claire, is a romantic interest of Cage, but Jessica Jones is the woman he ends up marrying and fathering children with in the comics.

The possibilities for superhero love triangles on ’s highly character-centric series signals that the streamer has fully invested in the world of post-Avengers New York, and its smaller heroes can be free to develop as fully as possible.

Rossi is repped by Greene & Associates and 360.
Dawson is repped by and Untitled.





Simone Missick has been attached to play Luke Cage’s Ally, Misty Knight, to round out the core cast.


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