Comedy Streaming Service Seeso to End This Year



It was announced Wednesday that comedy streaming service Seeso will be shutting down later this year. The service launched in January 2016 at a monthly rate of $3.99 and streams NBC late night, well known NBC sitcoms, and classic series such as Monty Python’s Flying Circus, in addition to creating original programming. The service is backed by NBCUniversal.

“We’re writing to let you know that later this year, Seeso will be shutting its comedy doors,” Seeso said in a statement via Facebook. “Though we will be departing, much of our comedy will live on – and some of your favorite Seeso Originals have already found a new home.”

While the service had struggled to gain a substantial subscriber base, there were some notable, successful series that have already found new distributors, such as HarmonQuest, My Brother, My Brother and Me, Hidden America with Jonah Ray, and The Cyanide and Happiness Show migrating to streaming service VRV.

The announcement had been expected since the news of layoffs came out this past June.

In addition to low subscription base, the service also had performance issues with the platform that frustrated the users. However, for fans of Seeso, the collection of series and original programming gave throwback vibes to Comedy Central’s lineup in the early ’90s, with series like Saturday Night Live, Kids in the Hall, and Absolutely Fabulous. In fact, the service is currently the only location to stream Monty Python’s Flying Circus, though, with newly launched service BritBox, it is likely the series will eventually land there.

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