Conan O’ Brien Set To Produce Sci-Fi Comedy Series “The Group”



Conan O’Brien has signed on to produce the upcoming TBS comedy series THE GROUP. The series has been described as a comedic X-Files, and follows the mis-adventures of a group of alien abductees. Greg Daniels, executive producer and writer for the NBC hit comedy series The Office, is set as executive producer for . Although an abundance of details have not yet been released, O’Brien has remarked on the series,

The is an absolute page-turner. It wasn’t even particularly that it was about aliens that attracted me to it. It felt like a very funny X-Files.”

Solidified as a late night talk show icon, O’Brien hosted the series Late Night With Conan O’Brien from 1993 to 2009, and  currently hosts the TBS series Conan.

O’Brien is repped by and .

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