Pete Barry’s Launch Pad Script “Marian” Sells to Sony With Margot Robbie Attached to Star (Exclusive)


margot robbie bannerGetty Images

Following a heated bidding war, 2016 Launch Pad Feature Competition writer has sold his competition script MARIAN to Sony with Margot Robbie attached to star and produce alongside Amy Pascal, Donald De Line and Rock Shaink, the Tracking Board has learned.

The script, which we began tracking last week, saw a half-dozen A-list actresses and producers board packages for the town, before Robbie stepped in to star, prompting Sony to move quickly to close the deal. On the talent front, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Brie Larson were all part of packages that Sony beat out once Robbie attached herself to the project.

The script, which currently sits in the Top 25 of this year’s competition, gives us an exciting reimagining of the Robin Hood legend that sees Marian step into a position of power to fend off an invading army after Robin Hood is assassinated. In the vein of a female Braveheart, the story never shies away from its grounded portrayal of war, and the struggles Marian faces in trying to unite her people to save the kingdom. It’s a brilliantly drawn epic that delivers an equal measure of fun and action on every page.

With this sale and signing, Barry — who signed with of from the competition — now marks the 183rd competition writer signed, the fourth bidding war started, and the 57th project set up since the competition launched in 2013! Launching your career with a starring vehicle for Robbie is not a bad way to begin at all!

Congrats to Pete, and to all of those involved! To find out more about the Launch Pad Competition finalists check them out here: THE 2016 LAUNCH PAD FEATURE COMPETITION FINALISTS!

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