Congratulations to Our Young & Hungry List, Hit List, and Launch Pad Writers Who Made The 2014 Blood List!



The 2014 Blood List came out today, just in time for Halloween. There are eight Young & Hungry List, Hit List, and Launch Pad veterans on this year’s list, so we thought we’d highlight our old friends and find out where they’ve been since we last saw them.

was an honoree on the 2011 Young & Hungry List. After making the list, Heisserer directed the Peter Safran-produced Hours, starring the late Paul Walker. He then sold his extra-terrestrial drama Story of Your Life to 21 Laps and FilmNation. Last year, Universal tapped him to pen their thriller Bird Box, and in June he made his second sale to 21 Laps, with his spec Understand. Heisserer made the 2014 Blood List with Bird Box.

made it onto the 2012 Hit List with his spec Blown, about a lab tech and conman both pretending to be policemen, who must work together to take down a group of dirty cops. Blown sold to Boies/Schiller Group. Wheeler made the 2014 Blood List with his spec Unsettled.

was one of the talented young on the 2014 Young & Hungry List. She’s placed in the Page International and American Zoetrope screenwriting competitions, and this summer she hit the market with her most recent spec, the survival thriller feature Tau, which was also the script that got her on the 2014 Blood List. 

Landau’s fellow 2014 Young & Hungry honoree set up his spec A Man Called Death at Addictive Pictures in July. That same spec landed Kennedy a place on the 2014 Blood List.

landed on the 2011 Young & Hungry List alongside Heisserer. Since then, he’s been tapped by Lionsgate to write the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel Leatherface. A number of indie horror directors are in the running to helm, including duo Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. Leatherface was also the script that earned Sherwood a place on the 2014 Blood List.

and made both the 2011 Hit List and the 2012 with their specs X and Endangered, respectively. The duo went on to land on the 2013 Black List with ClarityEndangered has since sold to Lionsgate and Allison Shearmur Productions. Belenzon and Gelber made the 2014 Blood List with their script Aftermath.

is the real veteran here, having made the 2010 Hit List with his spec The Visitation. Since then, he’s written the horror  Vanishing on 7th Street (starring Hayden Christensen) and Kristy (starring Ashley Greene and Lucas Till), and he sold his specs Into the Deep and May You Live in Interesting Times just last month. It was Into the Deep that got Jaswinski onto the 2014 Blood List.

Congratulations to all our on their continuing success!



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