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In one of its closing episodes, finally gives depth to Victor Cannerts, as the scientist becomes the most valuable and most despised character on the show.

With a grimly triumphant Lex expecting her resignation, Sabine does a sharp 180 at her press conference, blaming Victor Cannerts for creating, concealing, and accidentally releasing the virus. Her statement clears herself and the CDC of wrongdoing, or as Lex grates, “She slithered right out of there like the snake she is.” Seems like “Lexine” was a short-lived romance.

Lex continues to lose friends left and right, as Leo Greene reluctantly abandons their quest for justice. In a scene that does more to explain the plot than build of character, Leo points out that Sabine has turned all the legitimate evidence they’ve gathered against Cannerts, leaving them with nothing but stolen documents and rumors. If he still wants to take her down, Lex is on his own. Well, not technically; he needs someone to talk to now, so his father Roy returns for a pep talk or two.

Roy is one of the many underused family members in this story. Victor Cannerts has a distant but irrelevant sister. Sabine’s husband David is used only to be the communication link between Victor and Sabine, but without him the plot would be unchanged. Teresa’s mother and grandmother were both left in the dust by the story and by Teresa herself. And apparently Leo has an evil twin? (Okay, he doesn’t, but at this rate anything is possible).

At Atlanta Midtown Hospital, Jake worries about Katie’s worsening condition and Quentin blames Thomas for getting her sick. Cannerts admits to Jake that he has created an experimental antidote, which could either heal Katie or speed up a pretty painful death. Katie decides to go through with it, because she’s a badass, and because that’s clearly the most dramatic choice for the story.

Just to add a third dimension, Bert (remember, the old guy who is technically Teresa’s grandfather and takes care of the rats at the hospital) wakes up injured and lost after a riot inside the cordon.

Jana makes a trip to Trey’s compound/convenience store to pick up some baby supplies for Teresa and runs into a familiar face – Officer Meese. Meese promises that he can get Jana and her friends out of the cordon for 5K a head, an offer that’s hard to refuse. On the way home, she crosses paths with Bert and lends a helping hand.

Turns out Lex’s father is more than just a cheerleader, he also is best pals with the Lt. Governor of Atlanta. Sadly Lommers and her crew have gotten there first and Chief Besser blocks them from revealing the truth. Now it’s Lex’s turn to give the pep talks, first to Roy, but when he heads over to see Greene Lex finds the journalist has vanished.

Jana discusses the potentialescape plan with Sam. Combining their resources, they realize that they have enough funds for exactly two people. Will Jana abandon her friends? (No.)

Later, Lex gets a message via pizza from none other than Leo Greene: He lives! Sadly Katie does not, and a tearful Jake watches her succumb to the virus in a very graphic, bloody farewell scene. The moment is perfectly poignant on its own, but the piano-driven cover of Taylor Swift’s “This Love” just takes it right over the proverbial cliff.

It may be slightly too early to give Containment the laurels it deserves for killing off a major character. For one thing, and it may be a small thing quickly resolved in the penultimate episode, we don’t technically, actually see Katie die. What we technically, actually see is a long shot of hazmat-suited Jake rocking Katie in his arms and Katie staring into his eyes, surrounded by a hallway of glow in the dark stars. So stay tuned, because while it would be a shame for Katie’s rousing deathbed advice to go to waste, the Jake/Katie romance is too young, too sweet to go so soon.




Season 1, Episode 11 (S01E11)
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  1. Yeah bummer about my 2nd fave character on the show :( yhat is If she died) …somewhat ambiguous last scene and to my mind a real lame one to provide closure to their cute romance…ok episode but did they need to give her horrific bloody end scenes…not tasteful at all CW. Lets hope Julie Plec & co redeems themselves in last 2 eps…Poor babies Jake x Katie…watching them on their romantic journey was what me tune in each week…good thing it is only 1 season of angst…kudos to Chris Wood & Kristen Gutoskie for making me fall in love with their Jake x Katie. Hope they both find good shows to showcase their amazing talents.

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